A Veiled Threat of Retribution for Complicity in the Obama Forgery?

A reader writes: “In your last post you sincerely hope no harm comes to either of the women, that is, Ah’Nee or Booth. Coming from the writer of The Slaying of North Korea’s No. 2, the King-Maker, 12-2-2013, typakmusings.com, it sure sounds like a veiled threat of dire retribution for complicity in the forgery of Obama’s fake birth certificate. Is it?”

My answer is No, definitely not. There is a radical difference in timing. Generally, the king slays his benefactors right upon ascension for fear they might exact an exorbitant reward that threatens his royalty, but in this case the reign is over. Obama is no longer the President. Even if he were and we were at the beginning of his reign, say, 2009, and his election is being contested at court with the Hawaii duo as possible witnesses, I doubt Obama has the stomach to send assassins to do away with them, though looks are deceiving. As it is, his presidency is over and his name as the 44th President of the US is carved in stone, indelible for eternity.

On the other hand, can the Congress or Supreme Court invalidate and disenroll even an expired presidency? That certainly would make history.

The more likely scenario is that Arpaio or some concerned civic group may persist and bring the matter to court and win, resulting in a decree of forgery with criminal penalties for Obama and his agents, like the two Hawaiian duo, witting or not. In that case, they may serve some jail time, which is nothing compared to the cruel death Jongun Kim’s uncle has met.

Forgery of Obama’s Birth Certificate: a JPEG Document Created in the White House

America has decided not to question the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate, released on Apr 27, 2011, despite Arizona Sheriff Arpaio’s conclusive proof of its forgery (see the Youtube dated Dec 15, 2016). What was posted on the White House website and widely copied and circulated by the media was a JPEG document digitally created in the White House by copying and altering the birth certificate of one Johanna Ah’Nee, born in Hawaii on Aug 20, 1961, 16 days after Obama’s alleged date of birth.

Eight days after release of the Obama certificate Arpaio’s investigators accessed Ah’Nee’s birth certificate, lent to her friend Mickey Booth, and had forensic and digital authorities of international repute declare it forgery unequivocally. We sincerely hope no harm comes to either of the women.

That such a simple matter is still allowed to go unsettled in this day and age of digital technology is unbelievable but is explainable, given the unique political, social dynamics of Obama’s presidency. The nation as a whole but particularly the politically correct media does not want to appear to have a racist bias against the first black president of America. In addition, there is determined local resistance to any serious probing. The State of Hawaii government doesn’t want its incredibly messy vital statistics in the 1960’s to be exposed to global derision. Then there is the pride of the Hawaiian population to have produced a US President.

This may be all to the good, though. Finally, Americans may realize the unnaturalness of the natural birth requirement, its unconstitutionality and utter inconsistency. It is unconstitutional because the first Presidents including George Washington had to be naturalized, not natural born. It is also inconsistent because no such requirement is laid down for a whole lot of public offices, Vice President, Speaker of the House, President of the Senate, or Cabinet members, who are in line of succession in the event of presidential incapacity, death, resignation, or removal (see Ty Pak for President, 6-1-2014, typakmusings.com).

Voice as an Aphrodisiac: Love between Stella and Peter in The Polyglot: Union of Korea and Japan, amazon.com

Why is it that one lapses into romantic or erotic fantasy about the unknown person of the opposite sex on the phone after exchanging only a few words?

Because, disembodied, the voice is a mating call and acts as an instant, powerful, irresistible aphrodisiac. Once caught, the parties must meet, overcoming great odds like intercontinental distances, and consummate, barring extraordinary wreckers like obesity, wrinkles, twisted nose, limp, bad breath, body odor, etc., as the case may be.

That’s what happens in my novel, The Polyglot: Union of Korea and Japan, amazon.com. Stella Sullivan falls head over heels in love with Peter Bach after talking to him only a few seconds and flies over before the day is out to Honolulu from Washington, DC, in Air Force One, lent to her by President Eisenhower.

An Open Letter to Chairman Jongun Kim, North Korea: Be the Savior of Humankind! (Korean version attached)

Dear Chairman Kim,

Wishing to look down on a beautiful earth, not a nuclear wasteland, after their passing, sooner rather than later for some of them, the Oncs (see Immortality Club, 8-2-2018, typakmusings.com) call on you to immortalize yourself, not with an ephemeral Nobel Peace Prize but with the title, Savior of Humankind, that will endure through the eons in the cosmic calendar, as long as the sun shall last and beyond, by giving Trump what he wants, denuclearization of North Korea subject to

(1) Verification by a detect-and-destroy team (DDT), comprising experts from all the national or supranational entities with nuclear capabilities, current or potential, namely China, England, France, India, Iran, NATO (composed of Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Turkey), Pakistan, Russia, and USA, empowered and equipped with the means necessary to search and demolish, unless recyclable for industrial use, all known or suspected nuclear weapons, ready or in preparation, with local cooperation whenever asked for, and to continue monitoring by on-site inspection or remote surveillance to prevent any attempt at resumption on whatever scale; provided

(2) A similar DDT be decreed, with adequate manpower and means to perform member-specific DD work for each of the 9 entities noted in (1) and sent to their capitals, namely, Beijing, London, Paris, New Delhi, Tehran, Brussels, Islamabad, Moscow, and Washington, DC, to coincide with the arrival in Pyungyang of the North Korean DDT, while, simultaneously, the heads of the 9, namely, Xi, May, Macron, Modi, Rouhani, Stoltenberg, Alvi, Putin, and Trump, gather in Pyungyang to meet with you and form the Council of 10 to sign a Nuclear Eradication Treaty (NET), replacing the previous Nonproliferation Treaty, limited in scope and discriminatory in spirit, which will be the signal for the 10 DDT’s to set to work.

Trust us, Chairman Kim: the NET will be signed unanimously and promptly at that, because they have all been waiting for this escape from the nuclear dilemma. A knows he won’t be the first to use a nuclear weapon for fear of mutual assured destruction (MAD), because he is not suicidal or filicidal, having children and grandchildren. Nor is anybody else, B, C,…, least of all you despite your bluff that fooled everybody but us, made wiser by some of our number with Korean ancestry. So the fraternity of 10 goes on holding onto something no one will ever use but can’t dump either for fear of creating an exploitable weakness. Unless everybody dumps at the same time. But who will bell the cat? No one wants to be the first to propose it lest he be perceived chicken. “Stuck, unable to push or pull,” goes the crude Korean saying to describe the canine “tie” after mating. The absurdity of the nuclear dilemma deserves no better metaphor. Hail Chairman Kim, untier of the obscene gang tie. As a corollary to your epochal master stroke there will follow

(3) Cancellation of all sanctions against North Korea and Iran. Moreover,

(4) The Council will endorse the Charter for World Government, following the example of the NET, inasmuch as

(4.1) Denuclearization still leaves huge armed forces, which may spark conventional wars, perhaps almost as deadly as nuclear, considering the advances in technology, killing hundreds of millions, maybe billions. Here again you may take the initiative in undoing the gang tie: unleash DDT’s to reduce and ultimately abolish conventional weapons and armed forces by excision of their basic motivation: take a neighbor’s territory or repel invasion. The Charter will show the futility of territorial obsession: wealth is in technological innovation, not territorial aggrandizement, as shown by Singapore. Freezing the status quo of all border disputes for referral to a Supreme Court countries will have their defense budgets freed up for investment in infrastructure, housing, health, space exploration.

(4.2) To protect the world from violation of the NET or Charter, however, a sufficient police force will be maintained by recruiting a crack militia of volunteers from each nation to be placed under a Supreme Command comprising 7 Regional Commanders based on different continents.

(4.2.1) East Asian Command (China, Taiwan, Russia, North and South Korea, and Japan, headquartered in Pyungyang)

(4.2.2) Southeast Asian Command (Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Myanmar, Australia, New Zealand, headquartered in Singapore)

(4.2.3) South Asian Command (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan headquartered in Colombo)

(4.2.4) Middle Eastern Command (Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, and Israel, headquartered in Jerusalem)

(4.2.5) European Command (all the EU nations plus Britain, headquartered in Brussels)

(4.2.6) African Command (Egypt, South Africa, and all other nations in between, headquartered in Malta)

(4.2.7) American Command (both North, Central, and South America, headquartered in Panama City)

(4.2.8) The Supreme Command, combining (4.2.1) through (4.2.7), will be headquartered in Honolulu.

(4.2.9) To ensure the globalism of the Supreme Command all the personnel in the Command structure will be rotated from region to region.

(5) Modification and Eventual Repeal of National Sovereignty

Gone is the specter of war, nuclear or conventional, and the world will have a new lease on life, resolving all issues by negotiation and compromise, not force. For example, the current trade war between the US and China will be resolved with give and take on both sides. North and South Korea will tear down the dumb DMZ and unite separated families. Similarly, Korea and Japan will settle the comfort women issue by negotiation. If not, off they go to the Supreme Court, whose decision is enforced by the Supreme Command.

Nations will become individuals in a civilized, peaceful community ready to go to court (see Revise the 3 R’s to 4 R’s and Make America the First All-Lawyer Nation to Root Out Violence, 11-22-2018, typakmusings.com) without resorting to violence. National sovereignty where a country is supreme and bows to no authority will be a thing of the past, a distant memory. The Supreme Command will be the world government of, by, and for the nations and peoples of the earth, the long dream of humanity.

A whole new chapter in human existence and civilization begins the moment you share this letter and tell Trump, uniquely capable of thinking outside the box, to come on over to Pyungyang.

Yours truly,
ONCS, Ridgewood, NJ
Dec 6, 2018


북조선 김정은 의장께 드리는 공개서한: 인류의 구제자가 되시라!

친애하는 김의장,

죽은 뒤 핵 황무지가 아니라 아름다운 지구를 내려다보고 싶은 간절한 심정에서 특히 갈 길이 촉박한 동료들의 초조감을 감안하여 고령자 회ONCS (typakmusings.com, 8-2-2018 기사 “불사 클럽” 참조) 회원들은 김의장이 트럼프가 원하는 북조선 비핵화에 선뜻 응 함으로서 흔한 평화 노벨상이 아니라 태양이 비취는 한 또 그 이후로도 우주 달력의 영겁을 통하여 빛날 불멸의 칭호 인류 구제자가 되시기를 호소하는 바 그 비핵화는

(1) 중국, 영국, 불란서, 인도, 이란, NATO (벨지염, 독일, 이태리, 화란, 터키로 구성), 파키스탄, 러시아, 미국, 현재 또는 잠재적 핵보유 국가 내지 초 국가 단체로부터 파견된 핵 전문가로 조직 되여 필요하면 현지 협력을 받으며 알려진 또는 의심되는 완성 또는 준비단계 핵무기 일체를 수색하여 산업용 재생가능의 경우를 제외하고 이를 완전 파괴하며 현지 답사 또는 원격 감시를 통하여 어느 규모로 던 핵 재개의 기도를 방지하기에 필요한 모든 권한과 수단이 부여된 탐지 파괴 단 (DDT)에 의하여 확인하며;

(2) 이와 비슷한 DDT가 (1)에 열거된 9단체 각자에게도 배정 되여 그에 적절한 탐지 파괴 DD 역활을 하기에 충분한 인력과 장비를 갖춰 북조선 DDT가 평양에 도착함과 동시에 베이징, 런던, 파리, 뉴데리, 테란, 브랐셀스, 이스라마받, 모스코, 워싱톤 등 그들 해당 수도에 도착하며 또 같은 시간에 시, 메이, 메크론, 모디, 루하니, 스톨톤버그, 애비, 푸틴, 트람프가 평양에 와서 당신을 만나 10인 협의회를 개최하고 제한된 범위에 차별적이던 과거 핵확산 방지 조약을 대체하는 핵 박멸 조약 (NET)을 체결하며 이를 신호로 10개 DDT가 각자 해당 지역에서 작업을 개시 하는바

김의장, 우리를 믿어 주시요: 다들 핵 디레마에서 빠져 나올 기회만 기다리고 있었기에 NET 는 만장 일치로 더구나 신속히 조인 됩니다. 자살 성향이거나 자녀 내지 손 자녀를 가진 자로 자기 자손 살해성 정신 병자가 아닌 한 갑이 상호 확증 파멸 (MAD)을 겁 내여 핵 무기를 먼저 쓰지 못할 뿐 아니라 을, 병,…도 그리 못하며 더구나 세상 사람은 다 속더라도 조선인 핏줄을 가진 회원이 있어 우리는 안 속은 당신의 엄포에도 불구하고 당신도 물론 그러지 못합니다. 그래서 10인조는 아무도 영영 사용 못할 것인 줄 알면서 없으면 약점이 될까 봐 못 버리고 움켜 쥐고 있습니다. 단 모두가 동시에 버리면 되겠는데 고양이 목에 어느 쥐가 방울을 달겠습니까? 아무도 겁쟁이로 보일까 봐 이를 제안 못 하고 얼빠져 있음은 마치 개가 교접 후 빼지 못하고 묶여 있음을 형용하는 막된 조선어 표현 “빼도 박도 못하는” 교착이며 핵 디레마의 어리석음을 꿰뚫는 비유입니다. 김의장, 당신이야 말로 이 해괴 망칙한 집단 교미 교착을 푸는 해방자가 될 것이며 당신의 절묘한 이 기원적 처사로

(3) 북조선과 이란에 대한 모든 제재는 해소 될 것이며 나아가

(4) 협의회는 NET의 본을 따라 세계 정부 헌장을 체결할 것인바, 그 까닭은

(4.1) 비핵화 하더라도 핵 무기 못지않은 파괴력을 가진 고도 기술 장비로 무장한 거대한 군대가 확산 되여 있어 수억 아니 수조의 인명을 앗아 갈수 있는 전통적 전쟁의 유발이 가능한 만큼 여기에 다시 한번 집단 교미 교착을 푸는 선두 주자로서의 당신의 역량을 발휘하여 이웃의 영토를 뺏으려는 공격이던 빼앗기지 않도록 침범을 막겠다는 방어이던 군비의 근본적 동기를 없애고, DDT를 동원하여 남은 모든 전통적 무기와 군대를 주리고 마침내 소멸되게 하소서. 씽가포르가 보여주듯 기술 혁신에 부가 있지 영토 확장에 있지 않음을 헌장은 명시하고 모든 국경 분쟁은 현상에서 동결하여 최고 법원에 의뢰 하며 나라마다 국방 예산에서 풀리는 돈으로 기반 시설, 주택, 보건, 우주 탐험에 투자하게 될 것인바

(4.2) NET 와 헌장의 위반으로부터 세계를 보호하기 위하여 각국에서 발탁된 정예 자원 민병대를 각 대륙에 기지를 둔 7개 지역 사령관이 바침하는 최고 사령부 산하에 두는 바

(4.2.1) 동아세아 사령부 (평양에 본부를 둔 중국, 대만, 로시아, 북 남 조선, 일본)

(4.2.2) 남동 아세아 사령부 (씽가포르에 본부를 둔 피리핀, 월남, 라오스, 캄보디아, 마레지아, 씽가포르, 인도네시아, 브르네이, 태국, 먄마, 호주, 뉴지랜드)

(4.2.3) 남 아세아 사령부 (코롬보에 본부를 둔 스리 랑카, 방그라데시, 인도, 파키스탄)

(4.2.4) 중동 사령부 (예루살렘에 본부를 둔 아프카니스탄, 이란, 이락, 씨리아, 조단, 터키, 싸우디 아라비아, 예먼, 아람 에미리트, 이스라엘)

(4.2.5) 유럽 사령부 (브라쎌스에 본부를 둔 EU국들과 영국)

(4.2.6) 아프리카 사령부 (몰타에 본부를 둔 에짚트 와 남 아프리카 및 그 사이와 옆으로 있는 모든 나라들)

(4.2.7) 아메리카 사령부 (파나마 시에 본부를 둔 남, 북, 중앙 아메리카)

(4.2.8) 이상 (4.2.1) ~ (4.2.7) 지역 사령부가 호노루루에 본부를 둔 최고 사령부의 관할 하에 운영 하며

(4.2.9) 총사령부의 세계적 참여를 확보하기 위하여 사령부 인원은 지역에서 지역으로 순환 근무 함으로서

(5) 국가 주권은 수정되고 궁극적으로 철폐 되는 바

핵이던 전통적이던 전운은 가시고 세계적으로 모든 분쟁은 힘이 아니라 협상과 타협으로 해결하는 새로운 역사가 시작, 예를 들어 현재 미국과 중국 사이의 무역 전쟁은 쌍방 양보로 해결되며 북조선과 남조선은 멍청한 휴전선을 타파하고 이산가족을 결합시킬 것이며 마찬가지로 조선과 일본은 위안부 문제를 협상할 것인바 안되면 최고 사령부가 그 판정을 집행하는 최고 재판소로 가게 될 것임으로

개인들이 쉽게 재판소 출입하여 평화로운 문명 사회를 이루듯 (typakmusings.com, 11-22-2018 기사, “읽기 쓰기 산술 3 기본에 4차 요소 법을 첨가, 미국을 최초 전국 변호사 국가로 만들어 폭력을 발본색원 하라” 참조) 국가들도 폭력을 폐지하고 국가는 최고이며 어느 권위에도 굴복하지 않는다는 주권 개념은 과거 유물, 먼 기억으로 제쳐 놓고 최고 사령부는 지구상 모든 국가와 인민의 소유이며 그들을 위하고 그들에 의하여 운영되는 인류가 오래도록 꿈 꿔온 세계 정부가 될 것인바

김의장, 유일하게 틀에서 벗어난 파격적 사고가 가능한 트럼프에게 이 편지를 보이며 평양으로 오라고 이르면 인류 존재와 문명의 획기적 새 아침의 동이 트리다.

2018년 12월 6일
미국 뉴저지 리지우드 고령자 회 ONCS올림

Parenting: Straighten Its Horns and You May Kill the Ox, a Korean Adage

Editor’s Note: A Korean Onc (see Immortality Club, 8-2-2018, typakmusings.com) is writing to Wilson (48), his award winning film composer son, who has been in Korea since 2015 teaching music at a Korean university, and his new wife, Audrey, his high school classmate, who has flown over from California to join him after their private wedding a couple of months back.

Dear Wilson,

Glad to hear that you are inundated with new film projects and musicals. Work is our salvation. Everything else is just a bit of inconvenience to be lightly dealt with, especially with Audrey at your side. What a blessing that you have found each other after so many years, detours, Audrey twice divorced herself! Lucky she has no children of her own, because the integration would have been doubly harder.

Dear Audrey,

I welcome you to the family, though with a twinge of guilt for dumping on you all Wilson’s baggage, his teenage children, Nicholas (17) and Jane (14) from his previous marriage, doubly so because I hear you already feel so much affection for them, a God-given opportunity to realize your latent maternity “welling up like magma,” your words, as you wedded privately in sight of the Kilauea Volcano.

Older, understanding, and busy preparing to ace ACT and get into the college of his choice in the States Nick is no problem. But Jane is. She has “rough” edges that may need to be smoothed over and polished. I want her to grow up a refined lady with all the social graces, whose company is sought, not shunned.

The work of shaping her, however, may need tact and patience. The Korean saying goes: “Straighten its horns and you may kill the ox.” But I am counting on you to turn the challenge into a splendid victory.

Parenting is an art, at which I have bungled miserably. Thank God my children have grown up to be good productive individuals nevertheless. Nor do I learn: given an opportunity I fail all over again. The year before last all four of them flew over from Korea, that is, with Wilson’s ex, and we had a big party at our house. At the buffet counter Jane was loading her plate up, beyond what she could possibly consume. Inwardly fuming at her parents I intervened and told her to come back for seconds, thirds. I fear I have forfeited her love forever as the memory of my correction rankles in her. Only if I could have done it with more tact.

Too preoccupied as he is with work to think much about parenting Wilson has needed you to come along to the rescue. His ex has also been too career oriented. Of course you are a professional, too, but I feel as a successful startup consultant you’ve got what it takes. Your not being their biological mother would help you approach the daunting task with detachment as well as love.

75th Anniversary of Marriage: Conjugal Bliss?

It is the gala 75th anniversary party for Peter and Cindy, both senior Oncs at our church (see Immortality Club, 8-2-2018, typakmusings.com), hosted by their children.

“It’s a great achievement to keep your marriage going so long,” observes Richard, 25, with a furtive glance at Dorothy, 23, his wife of 3 years, talking away to other women at the bar, their 2 children left at home with a babysitter. “We quarrel so much I doubt we’ll see our 4th.”

“You’ll get to celebrate your 100th for all I know,” chuckles Peter. “We were getting divorced almost every day of our married life but on the day set for filing, one of the kids gets pneumonia and must be rushed to the emergency. Almost everyone of them comes down with chicken pox, asthma, whooping cough, mumps, you name it. Then there are their birthdays, piano lessons, fencing, swimming. Not to mention the pressure at work. You just don’t get around to filing.”

“But you have had nearly 4 decades of retirement from your job, all children grown up, married, and on their own.”

“There are the grandkids and great grands who just grip your heart strings and don’t let go. The worst part of it is that we enjoy it so much. We just melt hugging these little monsters. Actually, a few weeks back, I was thinking of filing at last when a contingent of them came around to drag us all over gift shopping, photo shooting, and so on in anticipation of this business today. I couldn’t get away.”

Radical Reduction of CEO Salaries

Approaching is that time of year when American companies announce obscenely fat remunerations for their CEOs but in view of the urgency to compete with China, innovating and producing full bore on technology stolen from us, they should rethink the policy which demoralizes their employees, the real innovators and producers.

How about 1.5 times his second in command, who should in turn be on a par with the creative staff or only a few percentage points more, the figure 1.5 suggested by the salary scale of the US President and Vice President, $400,000 and $243,700, respectively. Presumably the CEO is a big shareholder of the company already and his dividend should be more than enough pay.

Nor should the dividend be excessive in spite of the pressure to attract capital. In its relentless quest to maximize profit by minimizing the cost of labor, capital digs its own grave by destroying its consumer base: with little money in their pockets the workers cannot buy the company’s products, the built-in principle of self-destruction, noted by Karl Marx.

You can avoid this pitfall by tempering the profit motive, by sharing more with your workers. It is not Christian or other religious or ideological noblesse oblige but sheer realism for survival in obedience to the axiom of reciprocity (see Revise the 3 R’s to 4 R’s, 11-24-2018, and The Axiom of Reciprocity, 9-12-2017, typakmusings.com).

Revise the 3 R’s to 4 R’s and Make America the First All-Lawyer Nation to Root Out Violence!

Noting the perennial mass murders, violent protests, upheavals, revolutions, genocides, wars, with the heightened potential for human extinction due to advanced weaponry, the Oncs (see Immortality Club, 8-2-2018, typakmusings.com) propose to expand the 3 R’s, reading, writing, and arithmetic, the conventional school curriculum, to 4 R’s, by supplementing “rules,” in order to make all Americans with high school education lawyers so as to serve as role models for the rest of the world in the crusade to tame humans into nonviolent law-abiding individuals.

1. Two Dimensions of the 3 R’s

The 3 R’s are actually two dimensional: personal and interpersonal.

1.1. Personal (Cosmic)

Swimming out of the fog of infancy, a child immediately realizes the utmost urgency of arithmetic perception and organization of the overwhelming abundance of stimuli impinging on its senses, space and time, size, quantity, frequency. Arithmetic is the survival tool of an individual confronting the external world.

1.2. Interpersonal (Social)

Simultaneously it becomes aware of its total dependence on other humans, with whom it must communicate, speak, read, and write.

Vital though these communication or social skills may be, they are often self-centered and geared to self-aggrandizement, losing sight of the community at large, which needs strict rules to survive and work just as any organism that to live and function must obey biological principles like avoidance of poison. The social skills previously honed by reading and writing may incorporate the communal rules tangentially or incidentally, which, however, is obviously not enough in light of the rampant violence in today’s world. Hence the need to articulate rules as a separate discipline, the 4th R.

2. Outline and Purpose of the 4th R

2.1. Axiom of Reciprocity

As arithmetic has the multiplication table, rules have a foundation, presumably the axiom of reciprocity (see The Axiom of Reciprocity, 9-12-2017, typakmusings.com), expressed by Jesus, Do to others as to yourself, and by Confucius five centuries earlier with a double negative, Don’t do to others what you don’t like for yourself (see Confucius, 12-10-2013, typakmusings.com).

Both articulations of the axiom spell out the fundamental tenets of criminal law, Don’t hurt others, and contract law, Keep your promise.

2.2. Zero Tolerance for Violence and Submission to Court Decision

2.2.1 Submission to the Blind Lady Justice with the Scale

The axiom has no tolerance for individual resort to violence to have his or her way. Anyone seething with outrage is directed to an impartial arbiter, generally the parent in a family situation, monitor or teacher in school, alderman or council of elders in a village, and the court, provided their nonpartisan impartiality is guaranteed like the blind lady Justice with a scale.

When impartiality seems compromised, the 4th R provides a series of appeals, upon exhaustion of which ultimate submission to the Supreme Court or its equivalent is required.

2.2.2. Prohibition of Retaliation and Vengeance

Surprisingly, the barbarity of lex talionis, an eye for an eye, is embraced by some Christians in reliance on the Old Testament. Some time ago a Korean pastor was heard proudly recounting how in his youth his tank battalion had rolled over and razed to the ground the camp of a neighboring special forces unit whose commander had beaten up his commander in a bar room brawl. One can only imagine the kind of discipline prevailing in the South Korean military. Apparently unpunished, the narrator went to seminary and rose in the hierarchy of his denomination, perhaps still deaf to Christ’s dictum to turn the other cheek.

2.2.3. Prohibition or Minimization of Self-Defense

By the same token self-defense should be most narrowly interpreted.

2.3. The 4th R to Precede Other Courses

The content of the 4th R should be progressively amplified and finessed as the child advances through the school system, so that by 12th grade he would know as much law of the land as any law school graduate. The enormous mnemonic prowess and intellect required of a high school graduate to learn history, geography, biology, physics, etc. and take SAT to advance to college is more than adequate to learn criminal, contract, and other laws and procedures. It is utter waste of the youthful mind to be forced to learn stuff they soon forget because of disuse, while remaining ignorant of what most counts, namely law, because of its daily use throughout life.

2.3.1. Inclusion of the 4th R in SAT

Moreover, legal knowledge should be part of SAT, which would very much resemble the current US bar exam. If this burdens the young minds beyond the breaking point, one or two of the inessentials may be taken out of the curriculum.

2.3.2. Anomaly of the US Law School

The feasibility of law education in secondary school is shown by what went on in Korea prior to a 2007 reform to mimic the US law school. Korea had undergraduate (13th through 16th grade) law college, patterned on the German and Japanese model, that handed out a purely academic BA in Law. To practice law one had to pass a national bar exam, open to all high school graduates, the passing ratio hovering around 1%. The rationale was obvious: a high schooler can learn enough law to pass the bar.

What is proposed here is therefore based essentially on the pre-2007 Korean mentality regarding legal education. With the proviso: there won’t be any bar exam. Given the 4 R’s, every high school graduate is a dyed-in-the-wool lawyer, who, bred on the 4th R like arithmetic for a dozen years, can competently file a lawsuit and argue in court for himself and for others (see Overhaul of DOJ and Government Staffing: No Lawyers, 7-5-2018, typakmusings.com).

2.3.3. Re-Education of Court Employees

The standard response from an employee at a court office to an innocuous inquiry from the public is: We are not allowed to give a legal opinion.

Under the 4 R’s regime a visitor to court will not be asking stupid questions but, whatever the nature of the question, the employees, servants of the people, should provide their best considered reply, including legal opinion, which is common knowledge after all, just like an obliging librarian at a public library who goes out of her way to give directions, provide enlightening information on a book, and so forth.

2.3.4. Demise of Legal Profession and Rise of Legal Scholarship

It would be absurd to license lawyers for such basic and general knowledge as law, as it would be to license arithmeticians for their knowledge of trigonometry. On the other hand, there is need for pushing the envelope for advanced legal scholarship, for which students can major in law for their B.A. and go on to graduate school for Ph.D. to provide expert knowledge above and beyond the common knowledge of law as practiced by laymen.

3. Disappearance of Violence and Neutralization of Insanity

Every American a lawyer, the Constitutional guarantee of access to the courts will now be a reality, not a phantom as at present with expensive licensed lawyers blocking the way. With easy access to Justice one will not think of righting a wrong by self-help, unless deranged, any sign of which should be detected early and treated by stepping up mental health care nationally.

90 (=85+5), the New Retirement Age, Incorporating the Mortality Constant

Noting the crescendo of national resentment against the aging (65 years or older) as their number swells to one fifth of the population and their Social Security and Medicare benefits, worth three times their contributions and taking up half of the Federal budget, snowball the national debt, the Oncs (see Immortality Club, 8-2-2018, typakmusings.com), a proud lot mortified by their parasitism, propose to raise the retirement age to 90 in the Social Security Act.

1. Original Legislative Intent: Incorporation of the Grim Reaper’s Scythe

This complies with the original intent of the Social Security Act of 1935 when the retirement age was set at 65, that is, 60, life expectancy at the time, plus 5, the Mortality Constant or Grim Reaper’s Scythe. Its legislators led by FDR, products of the American worship of youth, believed that, given the Constant, there would be few geriatrics around to collect and drown the nation in debt.

Of course none of them had foreknowledge of the enormous extension of American life expectancy a scant three-quarter century later to 85, upon adjustment for opioid and other aberrant deaths that mostly strike down the young. The amendment therefore merely changes 60 to 85, leaving the Constant 5 in and arriving at 90.

2. Fitness of Seniors as Workers

Longevity being a concomitant of health, the majority of American seniors, especially the advanced ones, are in good shape and can hold up their end alongside any young buck in carpentry, masonry, or what have you. With advances in robotics and artificial intelligence few jobs require brute strength and more in demand will be coolness of disposition and maturity of judgment, which seniors are better equipped to provide. Shorn of erstwhile ambition and aggression, they’ll work reliably and with dedication till death.

By the same token no discrimination by reason of age will be tolerated. Pay roll tax contributions to Social Security will be continued unabated and medical insurance at work guaranteed.

3. Stringent Merit-Based Immigration and Accelerated Entrepreneurship

Immigration should be strictly regulated to permit merit-based admissions only until the job market absorbs senior labor and entrepreneurs rev up Yankee ingenuity, coming up with inventions and breakthroughs for ever more employment opportunities.

4. No Early Retirement

There is no justification for the current early retirement at age 62, before full retirement at 66, a criminal waste of young seasoned labor force. Moreover, it imparts the false and laughable illusion of achievement, seniority. No early retirement even at, say 85, will be considered under the new regime of 90 as retirement age.

5. Disability Retirement

The proposal does not touch current disability retirement for renal failure or ALS and may expand it to include other debilitating conditions, regardless of age.

6. Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare also starts at 90, as seniors will have health insurance at work until then. Those not so lucky may be eligible for need-based Medicaid, which, along with liberal disability retirement mentioned above, will be well funded with the money saved by extended senior employment across the board.

Go Home, Caravans of Migrants!

Turn around and go home! Harnessing the momentum that has brought you this far and enlisting many more of your countrymen to join your ranks, march on your capital and overthrow your corrupt, dysfunctional government!

What kind of government stands idly by, letting its nationals stage a shameful scene in plain view of the whole world, openly declaring their determination to break into another country, come hell or high water, because theirs is worse than that?

I speak as someone who has been where you are. After its war (1950-53) which killed as many as 20% of its population according to some estimates, Korea was a hell everyone wanted to escape, America the destination of choice though out of reach: the Pacific stood in the way, not to mention the near zero Asian quota. Most gave up and hunkered down to remake their nation, South Korea, and they did succeed after decades, as their current prosperity shows.

But those irreversibly disaffected did not give up and clawed and hammered at the door of the US Embassy to be told to go through the procedure, legally. They did, waiting in line, taking years, decades in some cases.

Don’t let the land connection fool you. Consider it the Pacific Ocean. The US border, walled, barb-wired, and guarded, effectively with military combat readiness, is simply impenetrable. No amount of banging your heads against it would make any difference and your exhausting trek across Mexico would have been for nothing. Go back and reform your nation, or come in legally.

Myth of Travel: The Opium for the Poor

The Western myth (of Enlightenment vintage) that one must travel widely to be cultured and refined has gripped the whole world, international tourism arrivals since 2011 exceeding 1 billion or 15% of the world’s population and the receipts $1 trillion per annum, as mega-hotels spring up, jumbo jets roar and soar, and cruise ships blast off. But is the hustle and bustle really worth it?

Not in this day and age of virtual experience. In the comfort of home just click the zillions of YouTube travel videos with expert narration and you are instantly transported to any part of the world, however exotic or remote, and experience the wonders, natural or man-made, in all their macroscopic grandeur and scale, microscopic detail and depth, apt to be missed when trudging along on location. Uncaring, obsessed for travel, the poor throw away years worth of savings only to return home as unenlightened as ever, battered, barely remembering the names of the countries or cities they have visited.

Why bother to spend money, time, and effort to fly, sail, or ride to these places, even if they are fully developed with decent security and sanitation? Forget the underdeveloped, especially the Middle East or Africa, where one easily catches ebola or is kidnapped and murdered by terrorists. Amazingly, plunking down $10,000, some still go on an African safari, risking bites by snakes and malarial mosquitoes or attacks by hyenas and lions. Why should one sleep in a hotel room, even the swankiest, known to have bed bugs, leaving his own home with 5-star amenities or so upgradable with the money saved by staying home?

As citizens of the USA whose computers have ushered in the Information Age, Americans should take the lead in weaning the world from travel addiction by going virtual. The starting point should be their own country with its breathtaking parks and cities. Zillow and Trulia give tours of houses from room to room and their environs, the whole block or city. Their inventory may soon expand to Canada and other countries.

If there still lingers skepticism about the efficacy of virtual reality consider situations where physical reality is no option. A young couple, both professionals, decide to have a baby and, after their maternity and paternity leaves, engage a team of baby sitters on different shifts so they can keep working, uninterrupted. To see how the hired help is doing neither of them need to quit and go home before the end of the work day, because there is a perfect solution: installation of surveillance cameras inside the house, as cheap as $20 each, connected to their cell phones. For an investment of a few hundred dollars, they can be home virtually.

Prediction of the Midterm Results, Nov 6, 2018: A Repudiation of Socialism

This is no brainer: a persuasive Republican majority for both chambers of Congress and Governorships to carry on the Trump agenda. All you have to do is look at the ever larger Trump rallies with raving fans, of which there were three back to back on Nov 5, culminating, after Cleveland, OH, and Fort Wayne, IN, both behemoths, with the climax, Fort Girardeau, MO, at 10 p.m., literally on the eve of Election Day, the crowd going wild, hooping and hollering, roaring, raring to go to the polls. Nobody in America, no politician, evangelist, singer, or other entertainer or spellbinder has pulled off a string of love fests with one big crowd after another on such a scale. No wonder Hollywood is hopping mad jealous, let alone the deep state in Washington.

But one may fail to see the obvious, blinded by socialism, espoused by the Democrats to depose Trump by making use of the inequality factor. The top 20% of Americans own 86% of the country’s wealth, the rest, 80%, owning the balance, 14%, of which the bottom half, i.e. 40% of the nation’s population owning less than 1%. Anti-Trumpers count on the certainty of revolt by the dispossessed 40% but also probably the other 40%, the so-called middle class, whose slim slice of the pie, 17%, is enough to infuriate them, the Antifas and other extremists.

But the Trump victory proves the error of the calculation. Equal net worth for all sounds good but is simply unworkable, because everybody wants more for himself. Greed, thy name is humankind, Shakespeare would have said. Capitalism, its other alias, drives us to compete, to work and innovate.

Suppose inequality is so heinous that it ignites a French Revolution or Bolshevik Revolution, killing off the billionaires, “enemies of the people.” What comes afterwards?

Abolition of capitalism requires a huge bureaucracy with enormous power, which naturally corrupts. Let’s assume it doesn’t and the enforcer is honest and benevolent. For all that trouble, what results is a nation of lazy bums with no motivation to work. Why should they? Ironically, the USSR might not have imploded if its enforcers had been more corrupt than they were and allowed the system to revert to capitalism on the side, as it did in China.

But the recurrence of revolutions at such cost gives us pause. Capitalism always overheats and in a generation or two extreme inequality results. The trick is to control and manage this biology of capitalism.

For the time being America will be spared a revolution. The 2018 Trump victory is proof of that. With home ownership at 60% the pitiful middle-class Americans still want to hang on to their home, be it ever so humble, to leave to their children so they have a better chance of winning the competition.

Another safety valve is public and private charity, like food stamps, meals on wheels, Supplemental Security Income, Medicare, etc. To extend the longevity of American capitalism, however, the top 1% should participate in a more drastic charity program, not out of charity but greed, their own long-term dynastic survival, as suggested in Billionaire Hall of Fame, 4-12-2015, typakmisings.com.

The Lottery: The Equalizer

No sooner has B bought a lottery ticket on impulse, when the jackpot soars through the billion dollar mark, than he regrets it. Instead of fantasizing about his winning, a long shot, too depressing to think about, his mind dwells on the certainty of some lucky dude X, probably a bum, winning and becoming an instant aristocrat. How X would preen and strut, with what airs! B can well imagine it, knowing A, a relative, school alum, coworker, church member, as the case may be, who lives in a mansion, owns a yacht, an airplane…, and has a circle of friends that excludes B. All because A’s net worth is $15,000,000, which is however only 1% of X’s.

What if X turns out to be someone B knows, a loser he has loathed and avoided all these years? B is startled by the polar reversal of their relative positions. Such a probability is actually quite high. In his time B has crossed paths with quite a few deadbeats and these lotteries will go on in every state, because the government gets to withhold a big chunk, nearly half of a jackpot, easy revenue without taxation.

Is it time he revised his attitude toward these lowlifes, especially because the world’s billionaires are lottery ticket winners in a different sense? Most of them make it that big in the stock market, a huge gambling arena, so-called investment but a euphemism for speculation, gambling. So is opening a restaurant, going into construction, buying a house or doing anything at all in life.

What about scholarship and research, successes and achievements built on many years of hard work and dedication? They are not all that different, B discovers. Every one of the inventors, scientists, writers has gambled. Luck dictates their career choice and inertia takes over. Then they pursue a hunch, which pans out, and they get to go on to win the Nobel prize, beating others to the punch.

B concludes the lottery ticket worth it for the insight, for teaching him to moderate his jealousy and anger at the billionaires and Nobel laureates, as well as his contempt for the also-rans of the world, including himself, and swears to extend the same courtesy and respect to all the next time around.

Ask Three Times Before Taking No For an Answer: Quirky Korean Etiquette

My dear natural born American friends, don’t be too annoyed if I, a naturalized Korean American, now and then forget to take no for an answer and keep pressing on you second helpings or a gift! Ingrained in my psyche is the Korean etiquette: Ask three times to afford a chance to refuse and be polite. Actually, I hear one has to ask five times now in Korea before desisting in the belief: the more of a good thing, the better. Lately, however, I have been shocked into rethinking the wisdom of this cultural quirk, though seemingly reaffirmed by a venerable bona fide native American.

I took to the best steak house in Manhattan Bill, 93, an Onc (see Immortality Club, 8-2-2018, typakmusings.com) and my mentor. Before his retirement in 1995 at 70 he had circumnavigated the globe dozens of times as captain of huge tankers and freighters weighing hundreds of thousands of tons, then worked as vice president of operations at his shipping company’s head office in Manhattan, keeping track of scores of these megaships in the sea lanes and ports of the world at any one time. This evening’s treat was to thank him for his indulgence whenever I pump him for his seafaring tales, partly hoping to verify the likelihood of a rogue wave as in the movie, The Poseidon Adventure (1972).

“Let’s have the steak replaced,” I suggest, seeing the filet mignon almost burnt through.

“No, it’s okay,” Bill declines. “It’s all my fault. I told them well done. The charred tips can be cut off.”

“You’ll be cutting off half or more of it. They should replace it three times over.” For the price they are charging, $125, I almost say.

“No, it’s okay. Actually, I like it this way, crisp and chewy.”

“No, it’s a matter of principle,” I insist, raising my hand to wave to the maitre d’.

“Stop it!” he almost shouts with uncharacteristic vehemence that floors me. “I said no the first time and I meant it.”

Suddenly I realize my lapse unawares into the Korean mode.

“Sorry, Bill!” I apologize and explain, attributing it to the Chinese Romance of the Three Kingdoms where King Yufei goes to meet Chuko Kungming, the sage, at his humble dwelling in the boondocks to beg him to be his advisor and commander in the struggle with the rival kingdoms but is refused and sent away twice. Undeterred, Yufei comes back the third time to plead, whereupon, moved by his sincerity, Chuko joins him and helps him unify China, though at the price of his own death in the process.

“Well, one confession deserves another,” Bill says. “I’ve never complained and had a plate replaced at a restaurant in my whole life, that is, since I saw what Alfredo, chef at my Dad’s restaurant, did to the replacement. I was 9. That day, hiding behind racks, I had sneaked into the kitchen, off limits to outsiders. A waiter plumped on the counter in the partition wall a plate of half eaten steak, customer complained and replacement demanded. Muttering and swearing Alfredo hastily prepared a new plate. On his way to the counter for pickup by the waiter he spit on the steak and spread it with his finger. I slipped away unnoticed, not knowing whether to report or not. Even if I did, Dad would have confronted the accused, who would have denied it. Nothing would come of it and in the meantime Alfredo might come around and kill me as a snitch. But my quandary did not last long. He got thrown in jail for manslaughter while driving under the influence and Dad had to hire another guy. Ever since I never complain at a restaurant, even if there may be a dead cockroach in it. I knew you were right and meant well but I am just too old to change. There’s nothing wrong with your culture. I think it’s cute. The good will is obviously there and Americans may as well adopt it. It’s just my bad luck to have run into a weirdo and skewed my perception of food preparers in general.”

The Florida Mail Bomber’s Speedy Arrest A Cause for Grief!

To Whom? Brennan and other Democrats of his ilk who must have figured they had at least a few months, if not quite 18 years as in the Unabomber case (1978-96), to go on grandstanding on CNN and other obliging media platforms and accuse Trump of inciting terroristic violence! What a shock it must have been to have the rug pulled out from under them with Sayoc’s arrest on Oct 26, 2018, exactly 4 days after the first deliveries on Oct 22.

Of course their disappointment is in sharp contrast to the sense of relief most Americans feel, who feel reassured by the efficiency of their law enforcement. Granted, with no triggering device, the so-called bombs were essentially harmless, but they were just as unsettling: in the hands of professionals they could have been made fully functional, investigation dragging on indefinitely, especially with the increasing high-tech sophistication of criminals with easy access to the internet.

Incidentally, the arrest goes down as another promise made and kept for Trump who on the first day, Oct 22, vowed speedy resolution.

Unless they want to keep losing, the Democrats had better rethink their strategy, heeding what Trump says at the Oct 27 mega-rally in Charlotte, NC: he and his followers have never blamed the Democrats for instigation of the assassination attempt on Scalise or other extremist mischief.

Democrats Screaming at Violence: A Taste of Their Own Medicine

Bombs have been mailed to some vocal Trump haters who come out swinging and screaming in denunciation, predictably putting the whole blame on him for inciting such violence, though he can’t be more explicit in its condemnation, promising punishment of the culprits and urging civil discourse and submission to the ballot.

What a contrast to the smug silence of these outraged accusers, some of them even encouraging “collateral damage,” when their partisans knock down statues, break store fronts, set fire to buildings, smash cars, hold up traffic, assault pedestrians, harass McConnel or Collins! In comparison, the crude home-made devices seem harmless pranks, perhaps intended to be detected, to serve notice on Soros, Holder, Waters, Clinton, Obama, CNN, Biden, De Niro, and other agitators and abettors of Antifa and other extremists, that the long-enduring conservatives are only human and can give back as much as take.

And let this noble experiment, government by the people, for the people, and of the people, on which hang the hopes of the whole world, go up in flames? No. For once let’s listen to Trump as an old man giving folksy counsel from lifelong experience: Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never harm me. Let’s fight with words, not fists, and vote on election day, Nov 6, 2018.

CNN in Denial: See, Hear, Speak No Evil

CNN is doing what the Three Wise Japanese Monkeys do: see, hear, or speak no evil, in the belief that it would vanish. As of Oct 22, 2018, 5:40 p.m., the Google list of CNN’s latest news headlines does not include the caravan, now swollen to 8,000 strong, on its relentless march to the US southern border. How can CNN sink this low?

But, a jealous Korean (see The Polyglot: Union of Korea and Japan, amazon.com), I am mostly miffed because CNN chooses to obey a Japanese maxim, instead of Korean, which says, “Close your eyes and roar like a tiger and you’ll scare it away.” No, its MO is Japanese through and through.

Simply, mum is the word and business as usual the motto for CNN, ignoring the mounting tension and anxiety of every American, all eyes on the horde growing by the hour like a swarm of African army ants on the move, trampling down the token Mexican barricade and inexorably heading for the bigger prey, United States.

I am getting gas at a BP station and the attendant comes over, flashing a professional smile. Presenting a Visa I tell him to fill up with regular. Instead of jumping to it he asks for “hip coh” or something similar. Getting over my perplexity I supply my zip code. When he returns with the card and receipt I ask where he is from. Proudly he declares, “Honduras.”

“Oh, what do you think of your countrymen, thousands of them, coming over to our country?”

“Terrible!” he shouts, face reddening. “We should stop them. President Trump should stop them. Right away.”

“But don’t you want more of your own countrymen here?” I ask but never hear the answer as he rushes off to another customer just pulling in.

Wait! There is a squeak. I have found one casual reference to the approaching tsunami, buried among the heap of trivial headlines.

Flake: Trump’s caravan tweet a ‘fear tactic’.

Unbelievable! So it’s a trick of some sort manufactured by Trump? Sounds very much like the Democrat Congresswoman who suggests the possibility that Trump may be paying for the whole thing. On the Fox News at that. When vehemently denied by another panelist she dismisses it as a joke. Is it time for jokes, though? The squeak is not meant to be heard, certainly not a roar. CNN and the Democrats simply don’t get it.

Surprise Gifts Rolling Down the Home Stretch for Trump: Obstructionist Self-Destruction

Paraded in the 11th hour before the watershed Nov 6, 2018 referendum on MAGA (Make America Great Again) is one disgusting spectacle after another: (1) Kevanaugh demolition, (2) Latin caravan, (3) Elizabeth Warren’s DNA, and (4) terrorism of Antifa and other extremists, to name a few, leaving moderate Americans, compassionate, egalitarian, globalist, no choice but to huddle around Trump, no matter how much they despise him.

1. Kevanaugh Trashing

Among the grotesqueries like Christine Ford’s “compelling” confession should be included one idiot Democrat Senator parsing a teenager’s yearbook notation on flatulence. Is he really a Senator? We should make it mandatory for all candidates to submit to an IQ test prior to filing.

2. Caravan of Thousands

Finally laid bare is the sentimentality of throwing the door wide open and embracing “your tired, your poor, … the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, the homeless” (see The Statue of Liberty, 9-20-2018, typakmsings.com). Surely no Lazarus or loving American has expected a horde to descend on them. A town like Glen Rock, NJ, would be wiped out (see A Tribute to 911: Paul Sharar ad Glen Rock, NJ, 9-17-2018, typakmusings.com). Nor do the caravanners look that shabby, either. In fact, they look well-fed, well-dressed, travel-ready, in high spirits. They want to take over America, its streets, malls, work places, now booming. Look at that woman flaunting her 12 children, triplets, quadruplets, maybe, head held high, cocksure of her status as the emblem of the American soft-hearted. Build that wall. Bring out the military with combat gear.

3. Warren with 1024th Cherokee Blood

This total phony has made a career of exhibiting her native American heritage, ultimately moving up to the Senate, making super suckers out of Massachusetts, Boston, Harvard, proud of their multiculturalism. However, she has served a purpose: her destruction is coterminous with the demise of identity politics in America based on race or culture. Henceforth Americans will be just American, not White, Black, or Asian, all government documentation erasing ethnic and racial classifications.

4. Black Masked Hooded Hoodlums

These punks openly admit why they mask themselves: to hide their identity so they can rally and march, break windows with clubs and stones, spray paint, overturn and burn cars, set off bombs with impunity. Little do they suspect that their cowardice hiding behind anonymity is despicable and abominable to Americans across the board. Law enforcement should swat like bugs these overgrown teenagers out for a lark, rip off their costumes, slap them around and throw them in jail to cool their heels until they shape up. But what about Hillary and Pelosi who condone, nay encourage, the deviltry as expression of discontent with “collateral damage”? Boot them out of office and lock them up!

The Riddle of the “Trump Rally” Anathema to Fake News

He is at it again, Oct 9, 2018, Council Bluffs, IA, firing up and enthralling tens of thousands jammed inside and outside the arena. Hanging on to his every word, they cheer and roar, delirious, and wish for more, forgetting it’s been an hour and a half already, not counting the hours prior to get there and wait, when he signs off with his usual mantra, Make America Wealthy Again…Safe Again…Great Again.”

They have heard it all before, in fact, over and over, Trump rally visitor counts on YouTube and other videos soaring off the charts. Except for minor tweaks like what state they are in the script is identical, to our amazement at his memory. Actually, the Iowa edition has some new material slightly more than usual: arm twisting Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Japan for protection money, moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem after remodeling an old building for only $400,000, not $1 billion as projected, atrocious below-the-belt Democrat obstruction of Kavanaugh confirmation, tantalizing hints at the overwhelming US military might and readiness, etc., but the crowd wouldn’t have cared one way or another. In fact, even if there isn’t a single new element, they would have roared and cheered, as if they heard it for the first time. They are not there to learn anything new. They just want to be where he is, to confirm his reality, as it were, not something they have dreamed up.

To my chagrin this mindset is mirrored exactly in my behavior this morning, Oct 10, a few hours after watching the live stream last night. Trawling YouTube, I skip the giant black hole, dark matter, desertification of China, Elon Musk’s frictionless half-hour train from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Alpha Go, even the Lyao River Civilization of Manchuria (7000 BC) with an unmistakable Korean stamp on it despite the Chinese determination to sinicize (to be posted later). Unawares I have clicked the rally and watch entranced, noticing nuances previously missed. I would have been transfixed till the end, except I have to answer the doorbell and sign for a UPS delivery.

What is the secret of Trump’s magic? Why do I revisit, knowing full well that it is the same stuff? Then it dawns on me. He is like Elvis Presley or Pavarotti I replay, not because I want to learn but because it’s fun. Yes, Trump will go down in history as the consummate entertainer, a spell binder bar none.

This, however, is anathema to fake media, whose reporters, graduates from journalism courses, actually an extension of English 101, freshman composition, must turn in something informative, original, sensational, to get attention and be promoted. But the content being more or less identical, with near zero increment, they have no choice but to work with what they have, twist and spin it, inventing and inserting new colors and designs.

Kavanaugh Accuser No. 1, Past Master in the Art of “Compelling” Confessions

In case anybody still can’t believe as anything but genuine someone sounding and looking as “compelling” as Dr. Christine Ford (hereafter to be referred to as Kavanaugh Accuser No. 1 or KA1), think again: ten-year-olds can be coached easily to pull off tear jerkers for church plays or school videos. In her case KA1 has had a whole lifetime of preparation, even writing a paper on how to create an “artificial reality” the patient believes in with total, absolute conviction by self-hypnosis.

Some people can lie as easily as they breathe. KA1 is such a pathological liar. Remember how she categorically denied knowing anything about polygraphs. It turns out she has coached others as an expert how to outsmart polygraph machines. That kind of expertise, coupled with self-hypnosis, can bowl over the unwary (see American Gullibility and Capacity for Contradiction, 9-28-2018, typakmusings.com), even old men who’ve been around the block like Trump and McConnell, as we have just learned at the latter’s press conference today, Oct 8, 2018.

Moreover, she has had powerful motives for lying. Her lawyer brother has worked for the law firm the Democratic party has hired to pay Fusion GPS, the fabricator of the Steele Dossier, which has unleashed the Russian Collusion Witch Hunt. Nor did she need much arm twisting from that quarter. A Hillary devotee KA1 is obsessed with obstruction of the Trump agenda.

The jig is up: the offender should be made to pay. Kavanaugh should sue KA1 for slander and mental distress. If he cannot, because he is a famous public figure, then his family should. It’s not vindictiveness but their civic duty. Opportunistic women should be stopped once and for all from making shameless, brazen accusations in reliance on the oppressed women theme. Independently, the Department of Justice should prosecute KA1 immediately for lying to Congress, asking for the maximum penalty.

Let her go, magnanimously, now that Kavanaugh has been confirmed after all, especially because it is politically correct to go easy on women, for fear of being branded misogynist? No, that’s condescension, demeaning to women, and cowardice, to boot. It’s not only for the Kavanaughs but for all Americans, both men and women, who need protection from poison. Above all, KA1’s strict and swift punishment will guarantee that good candidates respond without hesitation to presidential nomination though subject to congressional confirmation.

Kavanaugh Confirmation: Trump, a Survivor and Thriver on Opposition!

During the two weeks, last of September and first of October, 2018, what may go down in history as the Glowing Fortnight, Trump racks up a spate of milestone achievements: proclamation at the UN of a new doctrine, neo-globalism, based on reciprocity, a new trade deal with South Korea, commencement of negotiations for something similar with Japan, $1.3 trillion USMCA (United States Mexico Canada Agreement), confirmation of Kavanaugh as Justice of the Supreme Court, and massive rallies back to back all over America firing up not just the tens of thousands on location shouting themselves hoarse for America being made great again but the millions watching electronically all over the nation.

Despite the unrelenting barrage of doom and gloom predictions and maledictions by fake news most Americans believe that the Trump agenda for American resurgence is working, that their country is being respected, not pitied as a has-been empire to walk off into the sunset like all the others before and make way for the rising suns, China, Russia, India, Japan, Iran. The telltale signs of imminent disarray and implosion were all there, especially during the Glowing Fortnight, climaxing to incandescence. Democrats, Liberals, Leftists, cheered by fake media, raged, roared, obstructed, resisted, blocking Trump at every turn. Under the strain and pressure of the violence the whole edifice of the Union seemed to teeter, ready to collapse and come crashing down. But it didn’t. Not only is it standing tall and firm but shining ever brighter, humming with activity, energy, productivity, zeal. What accounts for the aversion of the disaster, for the turnaround in the national mood and morale, a mystery incomprehensible to the rest of the world?

It’s the unique biology of American opposition. Like a bickering couple, always on the brink of divorce, but celebrating their 75th Anniversary in the presence of their loving grands and great-grands, even great-great-grands, the American majority and minority form a unique symbiosis and vitalize and invigorate each other, not harm and destroy, though you wouldn’t think so from the acrimony of their charges and countercharges to the contrary. Look how at every rally Trump recognizes his nemesis, fake news, not once but repeatedly, his fans joining in enthusiastically with boos, the objects of the compliment carrying on unperturbed, smiling and waving back, all in good fun, camaraderie, tolerance.

Opposition is healthy and indispensable because nobody, not even Trump, is all-seeing, omniscient. Our two forward facing eyes are a dead giveaway of this fundamental limitation and force us to keep looking backward. But not always and we miss out, even with the best rearview mirrors, endemic with blind spots, from which only other sets of eyes can save us. Knowing this (see Trump Protests: A Necessary Evil, 11-17-2016, typakmusings.com), Trump humors nay-sayers and watches fake news anchors and pundits, on the off chance he might learn something, no matter his opinion of them as certified fools grandstanding to show off their wit and cleverness like school kids vying for A in composition or oration.

For their part the militant resisters on the street or in Capitol hallways feel safe to fulminate and scream, taunt and harass Hatch, McConnel, or Collins, hurl obscenities at Trump, knowing that the worst that can happen to them is a slap on the wrist, maybe an overnight detention in police jail, free room and board. Would they do that, if it were otherwise, if they knew they would get ruthlessly knocked down, kicked around, dragged to a dungeon and beaten senseless so that, when let out alive at all, they would end up mouth-drooling idiots the rest of their lives, as it happened to a friend of mine growing up in South Korea during the 1950’s? No, not for what Soros pays them. Would they ever emigrate to autocracies like China, Russia, or Iran, where they have to tread softly, look over their shoulders and whisper? Not in a million years. Only in America can they do their damnedest in resistance and deviltry with impunity, with encouragement.

Lamenting the character assassination Kavanaugh had to endure devastating his wife and daughters, Trump nobly acknowledges that, unfairly, Kavanaugh bore the brunt of the venom and vitriol intended for his nominator. But is such coddling and cosseting really necessary for Kavanaugh or anybody else for that matter who chooses to be lifted out of the populace to serve in public office? No, they should take it on the chin without a victim complex, take it as their “job description,” all in a day’s work, as Trump does.

Explaining her endorsement of Kavanaugh Collins deplores the brutality of the 3-month confirmation process which has left nobody the winner, not even the confirmed Justice. Despite my admiration for her speech, a masterpiece to rank with the best of Demosthenes or Cicero, I beg to differ and declare that, on the contrary, everybody is a winner, especially Kavanaugh, privileged to get a crash course on humility and burn indelibly into his head the fact that he was a teenager once like everybody else and is just a fallible human, again like everybody else. Never should he let that “Your Honor” stuff get to his head or to the head of anybody on the bench. In fact, it’s high time all such invidious, divisive, corrupting, nauseating honorifics are outlawed once and for all (see Manifesto of Radical Democracy, 5-23-2014, typakmusings.com). I am certain Trump wouldn’t mind being just Donald (see Donald, Champion of Political Incorrectness, Mandate the First Name Basis Across the Board by Executive Order One!, 9-11-2015, typakmusings.com), were it not for his sycophants in “gold braid caps,” as the Korean saying goes.

The Lady Doth Protest Too Much: Diminishing Returns of Mounting Kavanaugh Accusations

“The lady doth protest too much,” says Hamlet’s Player Queen, enunciating the axiom of diminishing returns in economics applied to persuasion: you just can’t keep using more of the same trick to obtain more results.

Not heeding the caveat and elated by Ford bringing down the house with her stage presence and elocution, a steady subdued voice with suppressed sobs here and there, portraying the horror of Kavanaugh mounting her, the more dramatic and powerful the fewer props there are of time, place, witnesses, in vacuo, as it happens, Democrats cast about for reenactment of more of the same to be eagerly greeted by a multitude of wannabe copycats, a couple dozen at the last count, with more colorful, outlandish scenarios, drunken orgies, gang rapes, spiked drinks.

A psychologist of sorts Ford must be fuming and foaming at the mouth unable to stop the Dem or Dim parade with its inevitable diminishing returns, trivializing, trashing her well-deserved triumph.

Brett Kavanaugh, a Homosexual Predator!

Are you American men, who abhor Kavanaugh’s elevation to the Supreme Court, so devoid of pride that you let your women do all the work, hogging the limelight? All you have to do is copy Ford’s master performance: write to Feinstein how you have been homosexually molested by Brett and your life, irretrievably damaged, has been a living hell ever since. Feinstein and her pals will jump at it and make sure that you get to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Equal rights for men, right? That will delay the confirmation vote at least one week, then another and so on, because an FBI investigation will be demanded as with Ford. In the meantime the midterm elections will be over, bringing a Democratic majority to the Senate which will trash Kavanaugh or any other Trump nominee.

Promptly the Democratic action team will have threatening letters written to you anonymously to justify body guards and flaunt the patriotic but dangerous work you have undertaken, while at the same time treating you to intensive coaching and rehearsal.

Don’t worry about the professional interrogator the Republicans will hire, because she won’t ask anything to crack your story. Her incompetence as a cross-examiner is intentional: to enrage Kavanaugh for getting no help from his own team, so he would come out swinging.

Nor is the FBI to be feared, because, except for that single vivid traumatic encounter, the rest like time and place and other factual details, are a blur. To prevent perjury charges from being filed, your Democratic sponsors will provide you with any number of psychiatrists who will certify your selective amnesia, erasure of peripheral circumstances by the electric shock of the single main vivid megaton trauma. If that’s not enough, they will even produce any number of counselors and therapists, social workers, priests, pastors, friends, family members, who have heard you talk about what Kavanaugh has done to you.

What about Kavanaugh being never accused of homosexuality in his life? Not to worry. He had never been accused of pushing a woman down on a bed and grinding away at her but Ford had no trouble making America believe her. The absence of prior accusations will be actually more persuasive to the bleeding hearts, because they will only think of the decades of suffering you must have endured.

You don’t have to be one of the four boys Ford mentions as witnesses. Any of the hundreds, thousands of boys who have been in the schools Brett has attended will do. But instead of going all the way back to his teen years why not start with the commencement of his professional career in his late twenties or early thirties. Your encounter can be at a gym, club house, hotel or restaurant bathroom. Suddenly you are attacked, because, a true dyed-in-the-wool gay, Kavanaugh goes into an uncontrollable homosexual frenzy once he finds some male to his liking, though the eruption is repressed for years, nobody the wiser. Besides Kavanaugh is in superb physical condition, thanks to running miles as a footballer and keeping up other athletic routines, as most homosexuals are apt to. Moreover, DNA modified genetically to overcome resistance by coy partners, strong males, not females, homosexuals are strong as a rule. You felt pounced on by a tiger and had to submit and endure penetration or die. The shame of it is still vivid in your memory. You have lived with it all these years, a living hell, but you had to speak up, though you have nothing to gain by it, out of sheer civic duty, for the country.

Come to think of it, the call to action may be extended to any American male, not necessarily related to Kavanaugh by schooling or profession, and the time span similarly widened to cover his entire career. Maybe the more recent, the better, as the wound is fresh and acute. Also the scene can be anywhere in America or the whole world for that matter. How about Seoul, South Korea, with its swanky hotels, Ritz, Hilton, Shilla, Chosun, Lotte, pricy and prestigious, cosmopolitan, multicultural, open to all lifestyles, especially gender orientation, hence much sought after by the oil barons of the Middle East, where homosexuality is the norm among the elite, females considered breeding sows and true orgasm and nirvana reserved only between males.

The strain of the facade as a straight upstanding family man and judge reaches a breaking point and Kavanaugh has to either unwind or snap. He checks in at the Ritz, say. At this time you come to Seoul, too, on business and, as a straight male quite unaware of the Ritz’s gender orientation, choose it strictly to impress your Korean clients. You happen to check in at the same time right next to each other and find yourselves assigned to adjoining rooms. Promptly Kavanaugh invites you to his room and orders food and drinks. Yes, he drinks until he is tipsy, then grabs you. Strong, he nullifies your resistance. Traumatized, you’ve been having hallucinations, convulsions, nightmares ever since, life a living hell…

Wait. What if the FBI checks the hotel registrations and shows that Kavanaugh has never stayed there and, in fact, never been to Seoul in his whole life? But by then the midterm elections will be over and Kavanaugh is toast. What about the criminal charges for lying to Congress, slander, and so forth? Your Democratic beneficiaries will take care of you, provide all the psychiatrists, lawyers, who will explain away factual discrepancies as selective amnesia resulting from Kavanaugh’s predation.

American Gullibility and Capacity for Contradiction: Ford and Kavanaugh Hearings

Upon hearing the conflicting Senate testimonies by Ford and Kavanaugh on 9-27-2018 almost 100% of the American public decides that they are both credible but the facts favor Kavanaugh.

Facts not only favor but exonerate Kavanaugh decisively, totally. By sworn statements the four witnesses Ford cites for corroboration unanimously and categorically deny either knowledge or occurrence of the alleged assault, leaving her with only her word to support her extraordinary memory of an event 36 years old. In contrast, Kavanaugh produces a calendar whose entries alibi him beyond the shadow of a doubt and disproves even the existence of the house, the scene of the alleged crime, anywhere near the country club.

Yet America finds her credible and sympathizes with her for suffering all these years, some elevating her to herohood, even sainthood, for surviving the trauma all these years to tell it out of sheer civic duty though she has nothing to gain by it. Is instant national, nay, global notoriety nothing? With suppressed sobs, a subdued, breaking voice, and terrified demeanor, all well scripted, coached, and rehearsed, she bowls over the bleeding hearts of America.

Wake up, sentimental chumps! Give her an Academy award for good acting but not credibility. Above all, don’t even breathe a howling contradiction like “Both are credible” and be the laughing stock of the world. An event either happens or does not.

The Statue of Liberty: An Apology to Paul Sharar

Dear Paul,

Please check out my latest article posted on typakmusings.com, 9-17-2018, now entitled A Tribute to 911: Paul Sharar and Glen Rock, NJ, with additional details to explain my position regarding extreme vetting and exclusion of dangerous foreign agents, perceived by some as un-Christian and arrogant. In the course of revision it became clear that the original article, a short travelog with you and your town as title, should be upgraded more fittingly to a tribute to the 911 tragedy, in some ways more momentous than Pearl Harbor. Hence, taking your forbearance for granted, I have made the change, your demotion to subtitle an unavoidable consequence.

I wish I had as much ease in revising Lazarus’ poem inscribed on the Statue of Liberty (see A Modest Proposal: Repeal or Redact the Inscription on the Statue of Liberty, 7-4-2017, typakmusings.com). The motive is the same: prevention of another 911. Illegals brandish the poem before the border patrol, mocking their vigilance. But I run into resistance, the poem having attained scriptural sanctity, any tampering therewith considered sacrilege, though its theme is only tangential to the real purpose of the Statue. The sonnet, written in 1883, 3 years before the erection of the Statue, is a commercial for immigration to encourage donations to the pedestal fund, only trickling in then, by appealing to the immigrant masses. As such it was enormously successful, fully funding the American portion of the project by raising in 2 years the then enormous sum of $102,000 from 120,000 donors, 80 percent of the total received in amounts of less than one dollar. However, the poem has nothing to do with the statue’s true symbolism, liberty or rather liberation, independence, emancipation, as denoted by the date of American independence, 7-4-1776, inscribed on the tablet in her left hand and the broken chain at her feet. The poem was promptly forgotten until its casting onto a bronze plaque in 1903 to hang inside the pedestal to consecrate America’s insatiable thirst for cheap imported labor. Times have changed. The USA has enough labor on hand and is in need of more brain than brawn.

We’ll talk more at church Sunday.

Ty Pak, Your Junior Onc (see Immortality Club, 8-2-2018, typakmusings.com)

A Tribute to 911: Paul Sharar and Glen Rock, NJ

Dear Youngick and Joyce,

Today after the English service and fellowship, just as the Korean service was about to start, Paul Sharar, an Onc at our church (see Immortality Club, 8-2-2018, typakmusings.com), offered to show me his town of Glen Rock only a hop away. I jumped at the opportunity but, leaving the table, I could immediately sense the reproach of my inevitable truancy on the faces of my Korean pals and knew that I would be in for some serious tongue lashing later on by my wife who was already in the sanctuary going over the music with the ensemble. No matter. I had to follow Paul, my Virgil.

Seven years my senior he is a true Renaissance intellectual, widely and deeply read, way beyond his academic credentials, a Ph.D. in psychology from Columbia as well as an MA in theology, on the NYU faculty and International Director of Operations for YMCA for decades before retirement and currently dedicated to genealogy and Parkinson’s research. I owe him a particular debt of gratitude for his in-depth review of my novel, The Polyglot: Union of Korea and Japan, amazon.com, discovering more dimensions of meaning and form than I was aware.

What a charming little town Glen Rock is, well ordered and kept up, its eponymous glacial rock quaintly enshrined on the roadside near his house! We cruised past the spiffy stores downtown, Paul providing a running commentary on their specialties. I was surprised to learn that a recent 911 movie opens on this very block with the barbershop and other shops he patronizes, the quintessence of a peaceful American town of 12,000 waking up to a quiet Tuesday morning, soon to be shattered by the chaos and mayhem of the World Trade Center only half an hour away by the Path train, the community suffering 11 fatalities that day. That did it, forever seal a bond in blood between us, me and Glen Rock, for on that fateful day I too lost a dear niece, an up and coming star in finance with an office on the 100th floor of the South Tower. The very thought of it still racks me with horror and rage against the murderers, Al-Queda monsters, “animals,” we shouldn’t have let in, should bar with extreme vetting, border wall, whatever it takes.

Amazingly the town has two train stations, one for the Path to Hoboken and Manhattan and the other for the NJ Transit to Newark and Trenton, making Glen Rock an ideal suburb for many commuters.

“I’ll show you where Youngick and Joyce lived,” Paul said out of the blue. He knows you are my high school alum (1956), married to Joyce (I forget her typical Anglo maiden name, say, Swanson), your exogamy a parallel to that of Peter Bach, my novel’s protagonist, and Stella Sullivan, an Oscar-winning documentarian and Eisenhower’s White House Film Historian (see The Polyglot: Union of Korea and Japan, amazon.com).

“RealIy!” I replied, delighted. “I bet I would recognize it. We had our reunions there a few times. But it was in the middle of a wood, as I recall, separated from other houses and there was a lake or something in the name of the town.”

“Well, it’s just around the corner from my house but in Ridgewood, cheek by jowl to Glen Rock. He was a cardiovascular surgeon at the Valley Hospital in Ridgewood.”

There it was, a picturesque mansion on the knoll at the intersection of Highland and Cantrell. Obviously it was not the same house.

“They lived there at least ten years before selling it to a movie star. We even had Korean YMCA board meetings there.”

“When was that?”

“In the 80’s and 90’s.”

“No wonder. We were meeting in the millennium, shortly after 911 and before our move to Honolulu a few years later.”

“We haven’t seen Joyce at church, though we have Youngick a few times. How is she?”

“She was at our gathering a few months ago, recovering from surgery.”

“For what?”

“Spinal stenosis and arthritis.”

“Infirmities of age! A vivacious, spirited lady, she used to floor us with her terse remarks, witty and to the point. Hope to see them both at church some time soon.”

“Not likely for some time. They are now in Connecticut, essentially doing what we are doing back here from Honolulu, babysitting their youngest grandchild.”

Robotics and Population Control

Truly alarming is the fact that in 220 years the number of humans on earth has ballooned tenfold from 800,000,000 in 1798 when Malthus’s Principle of Population was written to 7,600,000,000 as of August 2018 (UN Worldometers), while degrading want dogs humanity relentlessly, the motive for the essay. One third or 2.5 billion of the world population is in poverty, half of them, 1.3 billion, faint with hunger despite increased food production. As robots replace human workers across the board, the poverty ratio is expected to escalate, making more compelling than ever the imperative to control and maintain the population at a sustainable level, not by what Malthus calls positive checks, disasters such as floods and earthquakes and man-made actions such as wars, but by preventative checks, namely reduction of fertility. There is absolutely no excuse for shirking this duty because contraception is readily available for a buck or for nothing with minor adjustment or inconvenience.

In this regard China’s abandonment of the one-child policy is unconscionable, especially because it is now most aggressively pursuing artificial intelligence and robotics to reduce human payroll. Is it the fear of yielding the dubious honor of being the most populous nation (1.5 billion) to India (1.4 billion)? It should look to the US (0.35 billion) and Russia (0.37 billion), neither vying for any such title. Both Japan and South Korea, along with other West European nations, vaunt their decreasing headcount as a mark of development, in contradistinction to the swarm in underdeveloped nations. It’s not the size of a country’s population but the quality of their life that determines its greatness.

Nor is the frequently raised argument that an economy needs a young population hold water. The kind of labor highly automated industries require would be managerial, more mental than physical, exactly what the seniors are well equipped to supply.

In order is an examination of some basic facts about human fertility to help governments and fertile couples make the right choices. For ease of analysis the global population, assumed to be 4 billion (4,000 million) in the hypothetical current generation (1/4 century or 25 years), is equally divided into 4 age groups, 0-24, 25-49, 50-74, and 75-99, fertility falling on Group 2. The somewhat exaggerated biological life expectancy of 99 is deemed the sole cause of mortality, others such as disasters and wars ignored. Thus, for example, a couple do not drop dead the moment they deliver a child but stay around as parents until their children get married and start having their children. Even then they live on to be grandparents, seeing them grow up, go to college, get married, and start having their own children. Wait, they are not done yet. Still hanging around, they babysit their great grandchildren and pick up, fix, or do other little chores around the house or in the yard. It is indeed heartwarming to see 4-generation extended families, though not necessarily living under the same roof. However, because of the 99-year life expectancy no great grands live to see their great grandchildren reproduce.

Figures 1 – 3 are 3 tables of population change from generation to generation according to the fertility rates 0.5 (1-child), 1 (2-child), and 1.5 (3-child), the demographic unit a million.

Plainly we cannot have even 3 children, as it more than octoquadraguples (48-tuples) the population in 5 centuries. Note that the life expectancy assumed is 99. Any shorter and the pace would accelerate accordingly. The 2-child model stabilizes the population but we don’t want that either because that’s too many already. One child or none is the answer for the time being, until our ranks thin out so much so that, with enough affluence to go around, we begin to miss people to share with.

To give such flexibility to personal or governmental planning a set of general and elegant mathematical formulas, applicable to different fertility rates, life expectancies, age groupings, and other variables, is being worked out by the writer’s friend Patrick Miller, Professor of Mathematics, Stevens Institute of Technology, which, in lieu of the tabulations laboriously constructed here with limited sampling and in conjunction with efficient statistics on employment and GDP, will go a long way in freeing humanity from the indignity of poverty.

Fig. 1: 1-Child Model (Fertility Rate: 0.5, Unit: Million)

Generation Initial Fertile Births Deaths Ending
(25 Years) Population Population (Group 4) Population
(Group 2)

1 4,000 1,000 500 1,000 3,500
2 3,500 1,000 500 1,000 3,000
3 3,000 500 250 1,000 2,250
4 2,250 500 250 1,000 1,500
5 1,500 250 125 500 1,125
6 1,125 250 125 500 750
7 750 125 62.5 250 562.5
8 562.5 125 62.5 250 375
9 375 62.5 31.25 125 281.25
10 281.25 62.5 31.25 125 187.5
11 187.5 31.25 15.625 62.5 140.625
12 140.625 31.25 15.625 62.5 93.75
13 93.75 15.625 7.8125 31.25 70.3125
14 70.3125 15.625 7.8125 31.25 46.875
15 46.875 7.8125 3.90625 15.625 35.15625
16 35.15625 7.8125 3.90625 15.625 23.4375
17 23.4375 3.90625 1.953125 7.8125 17.578125
18 17.578125 3.90625 1.953125 7.8125 11.71875
19 11.71875 1.953125 0.9765625 3.90625 8.7890625
20 8.7890625 1.953125 0.9765625 3.90625 5.859375

Fig. 2: 2-Child Model (Fertility Rate: 0.5, Unit: Million)

Generation Initial Fertile Births Deaths Ending
(25 Years) Population Population (Group 4) Population
(Group 2)

1 4,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 4,000
2 4,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 4,000
3 4,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 4,000

Fig. 3: 3-Child Model (Fertility Rate: 0.5, Unit: Million)

Genera- Initial Fertile Births Deaths Ending
tion Population Population (Group 4) Population
(25 (Group 2)

1 4,000 1,000 1,500 1,000 4,500
2 4,500 1,000 1,500 1,000 5,000
3 5,000 1,500 2,250 1,000 6,250
4 6,250 1,500 2,250 1,000 7,500
5 7,500 2,250 3,375 1,500 9,375
6 9,375 2,250 3,375 1,500 11,250
7 11,250 3,375 5,062.5 2,250 14.062.5
8 14,062.5 3,375 5,062.5 2,250 16,875
9 16,875 5,062.5 7,593.75 3,375 21,093.75
10 21,093.75 5,062.5 7,593.75 3,375 25,312.5
11 25,312.5 7,593.75 11,390.625 5,062.5 31,640.625
12 31,640.625 7,593.75 11,390.625 5,062.5 37,968.75
13 37,968.75 11,390.625 17,085.9375 7,593.75 47,460.9375
14 47,460.9375 11,390.625 17,085.9375 7,593.75 56,953.125
15 56,953.125 17,085.9375 25,628.90625 11,390.625 71,191.40625
16 71,191.4062 17,085.9375 25,628.90625 11,390.625 85,429.68745
17 85,429.6874 25,628.90625 38,443.359375 17,085.9375 106,787.109325
18 106,787.109325 25,628.90625 38,443.35937 17,085.9375 128,144.5311195
19 128,144.5311195 38,443.35937 57,665.039055 25,628.90625 160,180.663924
20 160,180.663924 38,443.35937 57,665.039055 25,628.90625 192,216.796729

Editor’s Note: We apologize for the final appearance of this article. The blog carrier, WordPress, cannot accommodate a table, nor even the readjusted display with 6 columns headed: Generation (25 years), Initial Population, Fertile Population (Group 2), Births, Deaths (Group 4), and Ending Population. Please sort out the jumble that has resulted from WordPress’s mechanical rearrangement. Fortunately, the columns themselves line up clearly and correctly, though not as well as in the cells of a table.

Harari’s Histories: Incoherent Fantasy

The reviewers, apologists and acolytes of Yuval Noah Harari, the Oracle, the Professor, if not quite the Prophet or Messiah, certainly get our attention by intoning solemn predictions of human extinction in the next millennium, not by an asteroid strike, magnetic polarity shift, or some other cosmic, ecological disaster as we may have suspected, but by our innate “gorging gene” and killer instinct, as exemplified by the American Indian extermination of 34 out of 47 genera of large animals.

So, we assume, the Oracle must be talking about MAD, mutual assured destruction, humans turning on each other in suicidal frenzy with thermonuclear warheads that proliferate, even in rogue nations like North Korea, a script as old as the beginning of the Cold War in the 1940’s. Maybe he is talking about its imminent enactment. Wrong. He gives a wide time frame, a whole 1,000 years from now. That’s odd but comforting, however falsely or fleetingly, rattled as we are by repeated threats of nuclear attack by North Korea, Iran, China, and Russia.

Stoically we wade through A Brief History of Human Kind, a regurgitation of hackneyed citations in support of our evolution from our African ape grandma into the current homo sapiens with all its baggage, culture, emotion, reason, imagination, but the expected Armageddon just never heaves into sight. Only toward the end of A Brief History of Tomorrow we have a bewildering denouement: homo sapiens replaced by homo deus, godlike humans, robots or supercomputers with built-in biotechnical, that is, biochemical and electronic, data-processing algorithms, all hardwired to the Internet of All Things, a cosmic data-processing system, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, alias God, though vehemently denied.

So we are not given what has been promised but, what the heck!, there is no extinction of humanity and we should be glad. In fact, we are presented with what seems the apotheosis of human development, especially because the new divine species is presumably disease free, even immortal, having processed out all diseases, including cellular senescence which makes aging and death inevitable, and is also devoid of individuality and mind, annoying quirks and irrational impulses, cultural, religious, moral, idealistic, and other mythological hang-ups, the butt of Harari’s scathing derision. Unfortunately, even if it were true apotheosis, there are just too many fallacies paving the way to sustain it.

(1) Fallacy of Harari’s Dualism

His disdain for homo sapiens is based on his notion of dual reality, objective and imagined, since the Cognitive Revolution when human cognition or consciousness kicks in and starts imagining and mythologizing unreal stuff. He states: “About 70,000 years ago Homo sapiens started to form elaborate structures called culture,” under which falls practically everything we perceive as real, states, armies, churches, legal systems. Nothing could be more counterintuitive and fantastic.

Perhaps he has difficulty understanding the objectivity of the so-called imagined reality or culture, because they are macroscopic and he has trouble seeing big pictures. This microscopic reduction might help, an isolated village of a few dozen families out in the boonies. Suddenly one family loses a hen, another a pig, yet another a dog, whose barks and yelps alert its owner to the identity of the culprit, a tiger. Instantly the whole village mobilizes for defense, assigning duties to all the villagers according to aptitude, the necessity for such social organization perceived by everybody as vividly as hunger or thirst or sex, what Harari might call objective reality. The same realism may be easily extrapolated to a country under threat of attack externally or crime internally.

Maybe his point is to trivialize the Christian church or other religious organizations. But ask a person terminally ill whether his faith in the afterlife is just an illusion. Country, church, culture, language is every bit objective reality that is known, not imagined, and binds homo sapiens into groups for cooperation and survival.

(2) Fallacy of Human Destructiveness

Harari takes homo sapiens to task for exterminating “90 percent of the species that existed some 2.5 million years ago, and at least six other homo species some 250,000 years ago, including Neanderthal Man.”

Unfortunately, killing is another word for survival. Harari wouldn’t object to the eradication of polio virus, malarial mosquitoes, rabid dogs, and other disease-bearing animals, plants, microbes. Confronted by the mammoths upon crossing the Bering Land Bridge the Asian migrants had to fight and kill them or be killed. Thanks to the gorging, killing instinct homo sapiens has survived, instead of joining the extinct 90%. The Scientific Revolution 500 years ago has tamed nature and humanity can take it easy, managing the environment and restraining the gorging, killing instinct, the pre-science relic, from turning onto itself, from MAD.

(3) Ambiguity of Homo Deus Census: Robots or Upgraded Humans

Harari writes: “Homo sapiens is not going to be exterminated by a robot revolt. Rather, Homo Sapiens is likely to upgrade itself step by step merging with robots and computers in the process, until our descendants will look back and realize that they are no longer the kind of animal that wrote the Bible, built the Great Wall of China and laughed at Charlie Chaplin’s antics.”

So at least at the beginning the homo deus has two distinct populations, human and robotic, the latter seemingly superior and indigenous so the former may merge in. Coping with racism in America we would very much like to know how the tension is managed until there is complete integration. Of course such human angst would be laughed out of court: all-wise algorithms would blow away a pre-deus relic like racism.

But how do these two races come about in a thousand years? Upgrades of humans with implants of pace makers, stents, screws, rods seem plausible to a degree, though bionic remake like the Six Million Dollar Man seems fictional, let alone total revamp going down to the cellular level. For example, will all the cells of the body upgrade to have wear-proof (see Immortality Club, 8-2-2018, typakmusings.com) telomeres capping DNA?

But even more implausible is the seemingly indigenous race of robots and computers, genealogically non-human. What is the date of their genesis? To date no Cognitive Revolution has been observed in any biochemical soup or contraption, perhaps for lack of that breath of life from God.

(4) Verdict

For the above reasons Harari’s Histories, infused with misanthropy, are incoherent fantasy, neither informative nor innovative.

Truth Isn’t Truth! A Dictum on Prosecutorial Tyranny Twisted Into a Meme Gone Viral

On Meet the Press, Aug 19, 2018, NBC distorts what may go down in history as a quintessential dictum on the paradox of prosecutorial discretion and abuse, “Truth isn’t truth,” uttered by Trump’s lawyer Giuliani, thereby kicking off a feeding frenzy among the fraternity of fake media, CNN, HBO, PBS, Washington Post, as well as politicos and pundits, all in reliance on the now familiar MO, decontextualization (see CNN’s Modus Operandi: Decontextualization, 7-25-2018, typakmusings.com).

Noting the multiplicity of versions of truth, A says, B says…, which perplexes limited human intelligence, Giuliani explains why he is guarding Trump from the “perjury trap,” though he is eager to talk to Mueller because he, Trump, has nothing to hide and wants to tell the truth. The NBC Genius, so called by Giuliani, tongue in cheek, but in truth a Dimwit, declares, “But truth is truth.” Stung by the denseness Giuliani explodes, “No, truth isn’t truth,” whereupon the Moron lowers his head, propped on a hand, and chortles gotcha. Hurriedly Giuliani untangles the seeming contradiction, inviting the Genius to answer which truth Mueller will go by to consummate his prosecutorial mission: his buddy Comey’s and Traitor Cohen’s affirmation that Trump had prior knowledge of Don Jr’s meeting with a Russian harlot or Trump’s denial. The NBC Moron is the victor after all. Even Dershowitz appearing on Fox to defend Giuliani’s intent calls the “doublespeak,” mocked by the fakes, as an “inartful phrase.”

But there is no inartfulness. In the context, shown below, it is pithy and to the point, a shorthand for the perhaps more accurate but prosaic construction: A truth (A, B, C, …) is not the truth (known to God).

Giuliani: “And when you tell me that, you know, he should testify because he’s going to tell the truth and he shouldn’t worry, well that’s so silly because it’s somebody’s version of the truth. Not the truth.”
NBC Genius: “Truth is truth. I don’t mean to go like – ”
Giuliani: “No, it isn’t truth. Truth isn’t truth. The president of the United States says, “I didn’t – ”
NBC Genius: “Truth isn’t truth? Mr. Mayor, do you realize, what, I, I, I —”
Giuliani: “No, no, no –”
NBC Genius: “This is going to become a bad meme.”
Giuliani: “Don’t do, don’t do this to me.”
NBC Genius: “Don’t do Truth isn’t truth to me.”

Ingratitude, Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth: Trump, Victim of Vile Treachery

Shakespeare’s King Lear roars his pain, sharper than a serpent’s tooth, at the ingratitude and betrayal of his daughter, calling it the worst imaginable wickedness. Does it demean Lear, diminish his royalty, debase the majesty and grandeur of his kingly office? Only to fake media, insensitive to Trump’s pain and bent on condemnation of his complaint:

“A dog, a lowlife, …”

“Watch your mouth, racist misogynist!” the chorus shrills, equating any disparaging word against a black female with racism and misogyny, although the protected group rejects such coddling and cosseting as essentially racist condescension (see Why Aren’t You Calling Me Nigger?, 12-8-2016, typakmusings.com).

The black female in question has been a protege, almost a daughter to Trump who has picked her up time and again when she stumbled and fell, finally elevating her to an eminence she could have only dreamed of. Now she stabs him in the back. Should he be mum and let her spread foul lies about him and his administration, derailing the cause MAGA?

Should God leave alone Judas who sells out Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, instead of striking him down, lest His divinity should seem less to the American fake media? Should God heed the Korean aphorism, “Give a piece of shit a wide berth, not because you are afraid but because it stinks”?

No, that’s the road to moral decay and perdition. We should tweet a spade a spade, political correctness be damned, lest we be run over by ingrates, dogs, lowlifes. We should roll up our sleeves, pick up the poop, and dump it in the trash can. Trump is doing the dirty but necessary work to banish ingratitude from his entourage, from America, from the human race.

An Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living: Call for Legal Reformation

If an unexamined life is not worth living, no other human being on earth or in history is living a worthier life than Trump, thoroughly, relentlessly examined, excoriated, vivisected inside and out by “fake news,” 90% of the well-heeled (with a net worth of a trillion dollars at a conservative estimate) American media, which should know by now that instead of harming and mauling him, their objective, their venomous vigilance only aids him, refreshing and recharging him.

A case in point is his rally at Wilkes Barre, PA, on Aug 2, 2018 with a massive crowd of some 50,000, which will go down in history as the pinnacle of public speaking and persuasion. It is pure genius to work them to such a degree of cohesion that they breathe, cheer, laugh, rage like one person, hanging on his every word. Superb is his miming a few boxing punches to ridicule the media uproar over his alleged docility to Putin at Helsinki. Succinct but dynamite is his description of being 15 minutes early for his meeting with Queen Elizabeth and, chemistry clicking, their ending up staying an hour instead of the 15 minutes allotted, only to be reported: 15 minutes late Trump overstayed. Pausing, he points at the fake news in the back to the crowd’s prolonged roar of contempt and disgust.

Unleashed right on cue is an unprecedented media frenzy to trash the Wilkes Barre triumph. Curiously none of the attacks are on the substance of his speech. For good reason. Finding him unassailable on the booming economy, border wall, etc., they attack his personality. MSNBC calls him “unhinged,” getting worse by the day. CNN keeps calling him racist, liar, and other names, and exaggerates a Trump supporter’s expression of disapproval as bodily assault on the press corps. Another goes into a seizure saying he wants the country to go into a depression to stop Trump from bragging about the economy. The more hysterical, maniacal they get, the worthier does Trump get, the higher rises his star, while their own stature shrinks, their cacophony growing odious and loathsome.

No amount of fake news probing will catch Trump enriching himself like Marcos of the Philippines or the six out of the nine South Korean presidents who all become billionaires or almost so. Already a billionaire he is not likely to be tempted by an extra billion or two. Look how he donates the entirety of his salary of $400,000 to charity or government projects. He is after a bigger prize: the greatest President of the US, greater than Reagan, FDR, or Lincoln. Contrary to their design, the fake media serve as the gadfly that goads him to keep to the straight and narrow to reach the goal.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said with their darlings, Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, Hillary, et al, soon to be investigated and jailed for graft, among other crimes. Hillary’s uranium deal with Russia has made her $150 million richer. Comey and Mueller receive millions of dollars from law firms servicing makers of equipment used to surveil Manafort. Mueller, who has dealings with a Russian oligarch in connection with Manafort’s business years back, now prosecutes Manafort, conveniently leaving out the Russian’s name. Then, using underlings Ohr and Strzok, they team up with Rosenstein to use the Steele dossier, the product of Russian collusion, bar none, to launch the Witch Hunt, Trump Russian collusion investigation.

Lamentably, prosecution of these parasites won’t solve the problem: they will be replaced by the next crop of parasites dedicated to sucking the host dry. Truly shocking to Joe Blow working for a living in America is the ease with which these bugs can rake it in at such a phenomenal rate, what he can only dream of making in a hundred life times, simply because they are lawyers. Washington, D.C., is a swamp, precisely because it is crawling with lawyers, the worst infestation and stench emanating from DOJ and FBI.

Sworn to drain the swamp and smash the deep state Trump should first fire all lawyers from the White House, including Giuliani as soon as the farce of Russian collusion investigation is over, and surround himself with experts in real life stuff like construction, manufacturing, rocketry, military strategy, music, art, extending the house cleaning to DOJ and FBI (see Overhaul of DOJ and Government Staffing: No Lawyers, 7-5-2018, typakmusings.com).

Fundamentally, the nation, the world needs something analogous to the Protestant Reformation of 1517: Legal Reformation, whose tenets may be summarized with details to post subsequently. Law is not some arcane holy scripture reserved for elite cerebration but is taught in elementary school along with reading writing and arithmetic, so every high schooler is a competent lawyer, licensed to litigate pro se or for others at all levels, including the Supreme Court. The sickening idolatry for Your Honors abolished, judges are elected for a fixed term. However, legal scholarship is stepped up with a more rigorous, truly academic JD program in a Department of Law as part of the humanities, not a professional School of Law.

The “Chink” Dividend: Asian American Loyalty in the US-China Trade War

Can Asian Americans, especially Chinese Americans, be trusted in the US-China Trade War, especially in light of what may be called the “Chink” Dividend?

First off, this is not a shooting war, where millions get visibly slaughtered. If it were, they, all good US citizens, born or naturalized, would instantly rise up and take up arms against China and defend America in a heart beat (see Ty Pak for President, 6-1-2014, typakmusings.com).

The same may be said about legal aliens, permanent residents (green card holders), who are patiently biding their time to be naturalized. For one reason or another they all want to live in America. In fact, if we had an open border, a la Never-Trumpers, contrary for contrariness’s sake, the other continents would empty out overnight and swamp and choke America.

However stirred up against China, America should never repeat the inanity of internment ordered by FDR in 1940. If warranted, available are other means of surveillance, far less offensive yet infinitely more effective, like FISA, though lately subverted by FBI and DOJ to their eternal shame.

But a trade war is every bit a war which, if not fought and won, would destroy us en masse as assuredly as carpet bombing with multiple nuclear warheads, only time delayed. Greedy, China wants to drown America in trade deficits and starve and trash all Americans, black, white, yellow, who should therefore rally squarely behind their commanding general, President Trump, slogging it out knee deep in the trenches.

Naturally, there is a twinge of regret on the part of Asian Americans. It’s only human. Blood is thicker. In particular, they owe China a debt of gratitude: with its awesome riches it has wiped out the black and white hauteur toward the yellow race in America. Asians are no longer stared down as Chinks or Gooks. Besides this has an unintended global benefit: extermination of racism. Remember yellow comes between white and black in the color spectrum and color-blankness in the middle translates to universal colorlessness. The American way of life, a melting pot, where every individual is just that, an individual, neighbor, colleague, fellow countryman, human being, will spread worldwide like rap music, in the meantime restoring sanity and fairness in doing business, uprooting trade wars.

So just as Eisenhower had no qualms driving Germany, his ancestral land, into the ground in WW II, Asian Americans will see this trade war through no matter what the cost.

All Aboard Choo Choo Train to Trump Land MAGA!: Witch Hunt Is Over!

Finally, it is full speed ahead all the way to the Trump Land of American Greatness, Mueller’s Witch Hunt wrecked by a triple whammy and cleared off the tracks.

1. Indicted Russians Demand Discovery

To look good, to prove that he is not wasting time (for nearly 2 years) and money ($25 million of tax payer money and counting) Mueller casually dashes off 13 indictments (see Mueller’s Russian Indictments: A Copout, 7-24-2018, typakmusings.com), cocksure that would be the end of it. The indicted Russians, none of whom have come to the States before (and yet of course colluded with Trump) would bother to travel all the way across the ocean, spending time and money. In the meantime by the grandstanding he accomplishes two things: (a) names and shames the absentees thereby fixing the suspicion of collusion more firmly on Trump’s head and (b) shrugs the Trumpers off his back and gets his tenure extended, until at least past the midterm elections in November, 2018, when a Blue Wave brings a Democratic majority to the House and impeaches Trump, regardless how his Special Investigation fares.

Lo and behold, the darn Russians show up and demand disclosure of his evidence against them. This time he cannot hem and haw or redact, as his DOJ and FBI cronies do, thumbing their nose at Congress. This is a US Federal Court, where a defendant’s right to discovery is constitutionally guaranteed. But compliance means the end of the Witch Hunt, as it incriminates the top echelons of DOJ and FBI, including Mueller himself and his pal Rosenstein, who signs off on FISA applications and appoints him Special Counsel.

Mueller and his minions, yes, all those smug elite lawyers are currently not smirking but racking their brains, brows knit, to figure out how they may extricate themselves from this hole of their own digging. They can’t. The game’s up. They have no alternative but to drop the indictments in toto, refusing discovery for national security reasons, and become the laughing stock of the whole world.

But in defeat is Mueller man enough to throw in the towel and own up, confessing that the Hunt has been a hoax all along? No, he still has Manafort who, threatened with a 3 centuries-plus jail term, might flip on Trump, just as Cohen did, though in vain.

2. Rick Gates, the Embezzler and Fraud

But the Manafort trial on which Mueller has been betting his bottom dollar is falling apart. His star witness Rick Gates, a long-time associate of Manafort’s plea-bargained to squeal on Manafort, turns out to have zero credibility: an embezzler, liar, adulterer. Whatever he has to say against Manafort will only boost him who, so reinforced, won’t turn on Trump, however deep Mueller may dig, maybe way back to his conception.

How absurd, how sad for America! Mueller and vermin of his ilk should have been squelched at the outset and the responsibility for the omission rests squarely with Ellis, the presiding judge. Granted he has repeatedly come down hard on Mueller for minutiae, like looking down, not up when talking to his Highness, and is steering the trial toward acquittal or guilty verdict on some charge unrelated to the purpose of Mueller’s appointment. In fact, Ellis is responsible for the whole Witch Hunt dragging out this long, ruling as he did in May 2017 upon perusal of Rosenstein’s appointment letter, that Mueller is indeed empowered to pursue “any links” whatsoever related to Russia and Trump, laying the blame on Rosenstein for giving such an unfettered fishing license to Mueller.

Attached below is the one-page document which clearly shows that Ellis has not read it closely enough and has allowed himself to be manipulated by Rosenstein’s deliberately ambiguous verbiage, thereby missing the whole point of the investigation, Russian collusion with Trump. Often woodsmen lose sight of the forest on account of the trees.

Instead of focusing on the headline in bold letters, investigate Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election and related matters, Ellis is lost in the text and gets fixated on one phrase, “any links,” perhaps betraying his penchant for minutiae, and strays from the controlling clause, “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.” The key words are “related” and “directly”. Of course such degree of ambiguity wouldn’t pass muster in English 101 but Rosenstein, the elite genius, composes this garbage, perhaps counting on its misinterpretation by his elite fellow jurists. Ellis rebukes Mueller for obsessing with Manafort’s lavish lifestyle, not because it is strictly forbidden by the language of the charging document but out of common sense. Had the mandate been properly interpreted, the nation would have been spared the tragicomic agony of the charade called Manafort trial.

3. A Giant Red Wave

Mueller’s calculation to hang on and ride the Blue Wave has been shattered. In Ohio Balderson, a Trump Republican, is a winner (though his opponent does not concede as of this writing, 11:16 p.m. EDT, 8-8-2018), making Republican gains 8 out of 9 and confirming the Republican majority of the House. Mueller’s hopes for Trump impeachment by Congress have a snowflake’s chance in hell.

[The PDF file is not copying and other means are being sought. In the meantime Google “Mueller Appointment Letter.]

Who Wins the Trade War, US or China?

On Aug 5, 2018, the first Sunday of the month, the ONCS at Ridgewood United Methodist Church, Ridgewood, NJ (see Immortality Club, 8-2-2018, typakmusings.com) had as its guest speaker J, who had grown up in the church before going off to teach political science at universities in Asia.

Dispensing with a formal presentation he invites the group’s participation in a Q&A session and goes straight to the burning question of the day, especially in the Democrat majority state: will America survive the consequences of the trade war set off by Trump’s foolhardy tariffs on Chinese goods?

“For a while,” J concludes after surveying the statistics, billions, even trillions of dollars worth of goods across the board to sustain modern American lifestyle. “With stopgap subsidies to those who scream like the soybean growers. The Chinese are smart and punch back right where it hurts most, the soft underbelly of America.”

“But the EU has offered to buy our soybeans?” I suggest, hoping for the superfluity of their subsidy.

“Only a fraction of what China can buy,” counters M, an Onc and dedicated Trump detractor. “Tofu is still not a staple of European diet.”

“Right,” J is on a roll. “But American vulnerability is not limited to soybeans. The American body is soft everywhere, not just the underbelly. For the last few decades it has soaked, submerged in the numbing sweet elixir of Chinese manufacture and the subsidies will multiply ballooning the budget until it pops. Either subsidies will cease or rampant inflation stalk the land, Americans everywhere screaming for Trump’s blood.”

“But the Chinese will suffer, too,” I hazard. “Look at the steel furnaces firing up all over America. China has mountains of steel they cannot dump anywhere except maybe in the South China Sea to build their idiotic islands.”

“Okay,” J concedes. “It comes down to pain tolerance and, unlike Americans, the Chinese are known for unlimited capacity. Their whole history is endurance. They just suffer and wait for years and years, generation after generation. Remember Deng Xiaoping’s answer when asked by an American journalist what he thought of the French Revolution (1789-99): it’s too early to tell.”

“After two centuries?” I laugh in disbelief. “I don’t think he went to school beyond sixth grade. No, the Chinese I know bleed and scream just as much as any American, and are just as incontinent and foolhardy like us. Okay, like Trump. But he has a better chance of prevailing because Chinese exposure is greater than ours. Suppose trading stops this instant. They’ll have ten times more stuff rotting on the docks of Shanghai than ours on both coasts. Look at all the megacities they have built and can’t fill, the trillion dollar One Belt One Road Plan, including the New Eurasian Land Bridge (Railroad), to dominate global trade, all a flop. No capacity can take that much hurt.”

“Look,” M, an idealist and humanist at heart, tries to raise the discussion to a higher level. “All these tariffs and trade wars will disappear if we have a global government, a global United States or EU magnified. Just as Massachusetts won’t drop a nuclear bomb on Vermont for deep sea fishing rights, we won’t bomb Russia or China or vice versa about who makes what.”

“Speaking of nuclear bombs, we should get along with Russia and China to survive and trade wars are certainly not the way to go about it,” J agrees. “Clinton let slip a golden opportunity right after the collapse of the USSR. Weak and clueless, Russia would have joined NATO and a Transatlantic Federation, TF, could have emerged, which would have eventually brought China into the fold, the rest of the world following suit. But he had to bow to the Polish lobby.”

“Isn’t Trump’s meeting with Putin in Helsinki a prelude to TF?” I jump to peddle my idea (see Helsinki 2018: the Finest Hour of American Diplomacy, 7-19-2018, typakmusings.com).

“Not immediately after he beefs up the NATO budget by hundreds of billions with new member contributions,” opines S, a recognized sage among the Oncs. “But in time the additional financial burden may make the Europeans or the Americans howl or even the Russians for that matter. The best scenario is for them all to blink and yell, Enough! at the same time, instead of playing chicken to the bitter end, towards MAD, mutual assured destruction.”

“Such simultaneity would be facilitated by interracial, intercultural, international marriage like J’s,” I mention, referring to his gracious Chinese wife who has given him two gorgeous Eurasian children, and go on to plug my book. “That is exactly the theme of The Polyglot: Union of Korea and Japan, amazon.com, where the protagonist, a Korean with Russian and Central Asian upbringing, marries an American girl, and also discovers that his biological father is a Japanese tycoon, not a famous Korean patriotic poet married to his Korean doctor mother. It urges the union of the two historic rivals, Korea and Japan, a similar invitation to China in its sights. Asia so unified will join the TF. Your World Union, M, would ensue as a superstructure anchored to such firm regional bases, rather than a federation of individual states.”

“I can’t agree more strongly,” J chimes in, and takes down the title of the book, promising to incorporate it in his curriculum. I love this guy. Too bad I cannot talk more fully about his identity or vision about US and China relations. Perhaps I have given away too much as it is, catching him off guard. He must have thought he is with his old home church crowd, especially its Oncs, the terminals, who would surely take whatever they learn to the grave. In addition to his scholarly work and teaching he has close dealings with the Chinee government in an advisory capacity under an implicit NDA (nondisclosure agreement). I hope what I have disclosed so far does not come to haunt him. To be fair, however, he hasn’t revealed anything all that secret. Anyone with internet access could have figured it out.

Jim Jordan: Next Speaker and President

On May 21, 2018, at a gathering of the Freedom Caucus in Washington, D.C., Rep. Jim Jordan gave a talk on the basic values of America, work, discipline, willingness to take risks to get things done, ignoring easy-goers, naysayers. It was verily a breath of fresh air, a “pin drop speech” as billed by YouTube.

A natural, extemporaneous speaker he articulates his thoughts simultaneously as they form in the head, or so it seems. With no time for selection or labored embellishment they shoot out like machine gun bullets to blow the cocky smile off the face of Deputy AG Rosenstein and compel his compliance with congressional demand for the FISA documents.

But in a friendly setting as now they shower flower petals, jewels, or manna, as the case may be, that soothe, cheer, thrill, or inflame. His lifelong motto has been Do what you said you would do. “There is one guy doing that in town,” he says, namely, President Trump, who has cut taxes, shored up the economy, defeated ISIS, … In comparison, the Congress has failed miserably time and again, he illustrates, taking the easy way out.

His voice rings out clarion clear with no hint of hoarseness (due to laryngeal impairment by acid reflux or otherwise), thanks perhaps to his “majoring in wrestling”: in college he was top state wrestler year after year, as well as serving as assistant wrestling coach. Making light of his formal education, MA in economics and JD, he is a quick study, distinguishing himself as an innovative and responsible legislator (Ohio State Legislature 1995-2006, US Congress 2007 – current). More recently, he has been brilliant in the House oversight role breaking open the deep-state hangers-on in the DOJ and FBI to prevent their complicity in the Witch Hunt for Russian collusion from imploding America (Overhaul of DOJ and Government Staffing: No Lawyers, 7-5-2018, typakmusings.com).

Firmly rooted in his Midwest upbringing and grateful and humble to serve and lead when elected in whatever role, he is not likely to put on elitist airs and will carry the torch passed on by Trump in 2024 to KEEP AMERICA GREAT (see Manifesto of Radical Democracy, 5-26-2014, typakmusings.com). The country should rally behind his bid for Speaker of the House now and give him full 6 years of tutelage alongside his exemplar and congenial colleague and companion to be 46th President of the US.

Immortality Club

Earlier this year we had the induction, willy-nilly, of S, a Korean American, as the youngest Onc, that is, a member of ONCS, Octo-Nona-Centenarian Society, formed informally at Ridgewood United Methodist Church, Ridgewood, NJ, subsequent to the posting of Candor about Age (1-23-2018, typakmusings.com).

Understandably he wasn’t all that thrilled, a reluctance shared by the others: it’s not like induction into a Hall of Fame. I have had to twist their arms to quit pussyfooting about their age (1-21-2018, typakmusings.com). Reciting Candor, I point out, uncharitably, that their declaration of Onchood comes as no surprise. They have been carrying the flashing beacons: droopy jowls, collapsed look at the mouth despite extensive dental work, grey hair, sneaking roots belying the dye, shuffling gait, geriatric stoop, generally sagging, sinking appearance, some wheelchair bound, too obvious to escape anyone’s notice, unlike the subtler signs displayed by the younger “I am not telling” or “forever 39” crowd.

But S has a particular reason to refuse identification with the other Oncs. He still is or imagines himself to be full of energy, playing golf 3 or 4 days a week. No, he is not one of those living dead, zombie like. Besides he has heard somewhere that in America those above 80, considered terminal cases, are looked upon with pity, if not loathing. Disingenuously I have persuaded him that ONCS is actually like the Biblical Senate to which all the rest of the church look up as repository of wisdom and guidance, that unlike Koreans who pay lip service to respect for the elderly Americans show it in action like Senior Supplemental Security Income.

Of course I haven’t told him that America, a youth worshiping culture, looks askance at Eithgy-plussers. During fellowship after church service the younger crowd shy away from us. Rubbing elbows with Oncs is bad investment timewise: they’ll all be goners in a few years, before or shortly after they turn 90, a knockout blow coming unpredictably from any part of the body, somewhat reminiscent of the punishment meted out in the old Chinese (Korean or Japanese?) military: a company of men is ordered to stand around and keep kicking the sack in which the prisoner is enclosed, until it slumps and goes still. No wonder they look upon us as residents of a hospice wheeled out for an outing, for social exposure, like a good meal before the execution.

Though the centenarian label is tacked on, that is, 100 or older, it’s just a wishful thought. The likelihood of any of us joining that stratum is 0.005%. Besides 99.99% of those few hundred thousand worldwide who cross the threshold perish in the first decade, and only a few dozen make the Supercentenarian rank, 115 or above. There is only one verified Supra-supercentenarian, Jeanne Calment (1875–1997) of France, who died at the age of 122 years, 164 days. There is no question of any human making it to the 8th or 9th century like some Old Testament patriarchs, let alone the millennium, not contemplated even in fertile Jewish memory. Not that it matters one way or another in the spectrum of eternity.

Actually we are glad they leave us alone. We don’t have much to say. No dicta impress us. Few of us ever quote anyone, be it a sage or a god. Not because our memory is failing but because so-called insight or wisdom sounds all so tawdry.

But we, hospice residents, may be rendering one salutary public service. Like the Anchor Boy graduating last and feted by the whole class at the Naval Academy for making everybody else look good in comparison, the Oncs give the non-Oncs a sense of safety and wellbeing, akin to that of a gladiator standing over a fallen opponent.

“Let’s change our group name to Immortality Club dedicated to the promotion of research and industry to bring about immortality,” S declares.

“But there is cellular senescence,” I add my two bits. “Our cells shut down after 50 cycles of division, because telomeres capping DNA wear out.”

“Nanotechnology will repair DNA damage and ultimately reverse senescence,” S is confident. “Humans will live forever, not in deep freeze or suspended animation, but in the prime of life, active and productive. Just imagine what the world will be like.”

“Can it be done before the end of the year?” asks W, the oldest Onc at 98.

“Not that soon. That’s why we should push it as a national movement and get it funded by the government, even setting up a new Department of Immortality.”

“That would be long after I am gone,” wails W. “So unfair! No, I want no part of it.”

CNN’s Modus Operandi: Decontextualization

On Jul 24, 2018 CNN does it again, confirming its modus operandi: decontextualization.

To refute Trump’s latest tweet that Russia might aid the Democrats in the 2018 mid-term elections because contrary to expectations he has been tough to Russia, Wolf Blitzer plays a clip from the Helsinki summit news conference 8 days before and asks viewers to judge for themselves whether Putin is pro-Trump or pro-Democrats.

A reporter asks a compound question: (1) Did Putin want Trump to win? and (2) Did Putin help him win in 2016?

Putin answers yes and goes on to address Question 1, explaining the reason for his preference: Trump wants to get along with Russia. Cutting him off Blitzer looks triumphantly at the camera, unspoken words shouting, QED. If the viewer had not watched the press conference in full, he or she would believe that Putin has admitted to meddling and collusion in 2016 and will do so again in 2018.

Had Blitzer left the video run a few more seconds the viewer would have heard Putin categorically say No to Question 2 and dismiss collusion as an absurdity.

History will show CNN and others for the fake media they are, depriving the world of knowledge (see CNN Fakery on the 8-22-2017 Trump Rally, 8-25-2017, typakmusings.com).

Mueller’s Russian Indictments: A Copout

In defiance of White House efforts at dissuasion the Mueller Russian collusion probe, on which the Impeach (Lynch) Trump mob has pinned its hopes, grandly announces indictments against 12 Russian nationals to coincide with the Trump-Putin summit on Jul 16, 2018.

If meant to be a dramatic warning of some sort to Trump as he meets Putin, it has made absolutely no impression. Right chummy with Putin, Trump has asked him to the White House, the first such invitation to a Russian head of state since Khrushchev in 1959. Actually, Mueller has made that gesture, knowing full well that the indictments cannot be enforced, there being no extradition treaty with Russia, underscored by Putin’s offer to Mueller to come over and interrogate the Russians charged, aware that Mueller will do no such thing.

Apart from their vacuity the Russian indictment strays into a fishing trip not sanctioned by his May 17, 2017 Special Counsel charter: Investigation into

“any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump, and any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.”

Despite the misleading “any” it must be strictly interpreted to mean discovery of proof of Trump’s collusion with Putin rising to treason. After 1.2 years of digging there isn’t a “scintilla of evidence” supporting it, according to Rep. Gowdy. Moreover, if there is such collusion, it will show in action, such as Trump’s easing up on sanctions against Russia or giving other concessions. There is no hint of that. In fact, the opposite is the case, Trump escalating the sanctions. If Putin had been stiffed thereby, he would have stepped forward by now to get the welsher’s blood. He has not.

Nor do the 12 indictments stem “directly” from the specified purpose of the probe: Trump’s collusion. Instead they merely allege Russian meddling in US elections, as if that’s news. Russian meddling has been going on and will never stop. It’s part of their national policy. Nor should we be self-righteous and indignant: our CIA, NSA, FBI, etc. may have been doing something similar or worse to Russia and others all along.

But in the performance of this gratuitous labor Mueller’s team has been bewildered by the profligacy of their quarry. The Russians are simply drunk with meddling, lashing out in every which way with no direction or purpose. It would be nice and neat if they had hacked Hillary’s campaign only to dig up dirt on her to share and collude with Trump. Instead Russian operatives, all supposedly under Putin’s control, hack Trump, too, and supply Steele with material to script the Dossier for Hillary which in turn emboldens Rosenstein and crew to apply for FISA surveillance on the Trump campaign and appoint Mueller as Special Counsel.

Rep. Gowdy demands Mueller to end the witch hunt immediately, lest it should tear the nation apart, by bringing anybody to be charged to the “damn grand jury.” The vacuous Russian indictment won’t cut it. Devin Nunes and other Congressmen ask Trump to dissolve the probe but he won’t, because the I(L)T mob will go on forever with their litany that he did so because Mueller was getting too close for comfort.

Will Mueller terminate it voluntarily? No way. Because the facts protected by on-going investigation will all out and send to jail Rosenstein, Mueller, and a whole lot of the I(L)T mob for not only knowingly going on with the Dossier, even after its bogus nature became obvious only a few months into the probe, but also extending the fishing trip to the Middle East. Mueller will probably drag out the hunt until a Democratic President comes along to pardon him and his pals.

In the meantime the Russians are patting themselves on the back for embroiling America serendipitously in an unending feud which may, they hope, lead to its implosion and collapse (see Russians Having a Belly Laugh, 7-19-2017, typakmusings.com).

Helsinki 2018, the Finest Hour of American Diplomacy: Redemption for the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962

The reactions of the American media to the Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki on Jul 16, 2018 certify them as myopic, partisan, fake news and prove once and for all the old adage about the blind calling an elephant a snake as they feel only its trunk. They think Trump has diminished America by truckling to Putin, the big winner. On the contrary, Trump emerges the elder statesman and global peace maker/strategist showing the way for America and Russia to get along and hold in check China as well as other minor bullies, rogues, and terrorists.

One may even go as far as to say that Helsinki 2018 is the finest hour of American diplomacy and redeems the horror of the American macho “toughness” (more accurately, foolhardiness) displayed by Kennedy vis-a-vis Khrushchev 56 years ago over the Cuban Crisis, which could have ended life on earth. The blind talking heads and pundits are insensitive to the paramount imperative for America and Russia to get along, the chilling specter still hanging over our heads: 90% of the world’s nuclear warheads in the hands of the duo, each capable, if provoked, of turning the Earth singlehandedly into a dead planet many times over in the twinkling of an eye.

(1) Competitor, not Adversary

Adroitly, Trump turns a reporter’s ploy to trap the two men into an adversarial relationship by calling Russia a competitor, a compliment because competition is the mantra of capitalism, endorsed by Putin and other post-Soviet Russians. He foils another reporter’s attempt to make him eat his word, telling Merkel not to buy Russian gas and make Germany vulnerable, language reminiscent of the Cold War: it’s just salesmanship, he jests, trying to sell American surplus gas and oil. Trump, the master dealer, defuses the tension between the two countries by transforming possible armed conflict into humdrum commercial negotiation.

(2) Mum on Crimea

The blind fakes denounce Trump for failing to order the KGB thug to get out of Crimea, failing to note that the annexation is not so cut and dried or single dimensional. A seaside way station since time immemorial for every tribal or troop movement from the continent to the Black Sea and vice versa, Crimea was made part of Russia in 1783 and was assigned in 1954 from Russia to Ukraine, then both in the USSR, for rezoning purposes, and left as an “autonomous” appendage to Ukraine following the Soviet collapse in 1991 until its recent Russian takeover, which is not exactly a grab and gulp in the old imperialistic mode. It would be quixotic of America to rise up in indignation and go to war to force Russia to cough up Crimea. Wisely, therefore, Trump lets Putin state his case. Noting Trump’s standing opposition to the Russian intervention in 2014, Putin cites the overwhelming (95%) referendum in favor, 90% of the Crimeans speaking Russian. Trump lets it rest there, not because he is ignorant of the inflated statistics but because the alternative, restoration to Ukraine for whatever reason, is just not worth rocking the boat of friendship just launched between the two countries.

(3) Throwing US Intelligence Under the Bus on Russian Collusion and Meddling

In reply to a reporter’s question whether he wanted Trump to win, Putin frankly admits he did because Trump wanted to get along with Russia whereas Hillary didn’t, but categorically denies doing anything to bury her, like hacking into the Hillary campaign and digging up dirt on her to share and collude with Trump. “I didn’t know him in 2016 to collude with,” he says, though the translation seems somewhat mangled.

Citing Mueller’s indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officers a reporter tenaciously points out that based on indisputable US intelligence Russia has hacked into Hillary’s DNC. Putin denies this unequivocally and invites Mueller to come over and interrogate the persons charged. At this point the guy, a fake news stoolie with no qualms about putting his President on the spot, asks point blank whether he takes Putin’s word against his own US intelligence. Is Trump to wreck this once in a lifetime opportunity to get along with Russia by calling Putin a liar? Trump dodges the frontal attack and questions the infallibility of any intelligence service, including that of the US which to date has not produced Hillary’s server or missing emails. Of course this evasion, more accurately diplomatic finesse, is fuel for the firestorm at home, one CNN know-all solemnly declaring that Trump has thrown his own intelligence people under the bus.

Actually, Trump could have told Putin something like “collusion no but meddling yes,” even if it may have been to help him, and rebuked him, though good-naturedly. He is known to be blunt at his own expense. But there is no clear-cut evidence for meddling in his favor. In fact, hacking or false hacking went on in the other direction fueling the Witch Hunt unleashed by the FISA application based on the Trump dossier, Russian fabricated. If Russia was meddling, it was doing so in the most bizarre fashion imaginable, “peeing in both directions,” as a Korean saying goes about a drunken fool not knowing where the piss pot is. Trump is wise to stay clear of Russian meddling as it would question the sanity of the man whose goodwill he wants to win.

(4) Airing Dirty Laundry All Over the World

The visually impaired self-righteous patriotic media cannot fathom why Trump should mention Hillary’s destroyed emails and server, his running a clean campaign, and even slime like FBI agent Strzok, all domestic issues, not for the whole world to gloat over. Never has an American President behaved so despicably at an international forum. So unseemly, un-presidential, nay treasonous!

On the contrary, the self-styled patriots in fact diminish America, thinking these matters purely domestic, dirty laundry. They underestimate the importance of what goes on in American politics to Russia and the rest of the world, all getting a real time lesson on how democracy works, with all its limitations, ultimately for application to their own politics and government. Truly un-American are these Americans, who take an insular view of their role as the path finder for the whole world (see The American Age, 6-9-2014, typakmusings.com).

Just as we Americans appreciate Donald for his candor and transparency, so does the world, lapping up whatever the President of the US airs, especially his dirty laundry, to assure them we are all human after all, no matter our circumstances.

(5) Who is the Big Winner?

Particularly pathetic is a female talking head lamenting Trump’s appearance, a wimp compared to the manly self-assured Putin. Is she jealous of Melania? Throughout the whole encounter Trump comes across as a gracious, indulgent elder ready to take anything the junior might throw at him. Nor is Putin brash or cocky. If he is indeed the big winner as the fake media would have it, at least he doesn’t lord it over the loser. In fact, the opposite is the case: right cordial, deferential, respectful is he throughout. We can feel the good vibes between the two. Collusion? Putin with something on Trump? Give me a break. The tension has snapped “4 hours ago”, Helsinki time, Jul 16, 2018, and we may have just been ushered into a new era of coexistence and peace. The verdict:

Both have won big for the whole world.

Abolish Speed Limits: US Public Enemy Number One

It is taken for granted in America that speed limits are posted to be ignored and exceeded, safely by 10 miles but, with progressive riskiness, by 20, 30, or more, “risk” here meaning not physical or mechanical danger associated with high speed but the likelihood of getting nailed by the cops. The trick is to look out for them hiding in ambush with their speed gun and slow down in time. This cat and mouse game is honed to a fine art, starting from the moment one leaves the privacy of home and jumps in the car to interact with society, with the world, where law kicks in, until he or she returns home.

Is such behavior, such mentality consistent with a conscientious law-abiding citizenry? Not at all. America will end up a country of cynics who despise and flout the law, play with it, sneak around it, the more expertly the more they learn about it, say, by going to law school, as shown recently by the DOJ and FBI lawyers shamelessly, arrogantly lying and defying the Congress, a degree of deviousness abhorrent and unthinkable to the Puritan founders of the nation.

The damage has been done, the US recording the world’s highest incarceration rate, 655 out of 100,000, which is 15 times Japan’s 45 and 6 times South Korea’s 109. The US murder rate is 5.35 per 100,000, which is 20 times Japan’s 0.28 and 8 times South Korea’s 0.7. Nor is the home safe from the inroads of fundamental duplicity mirroring the public mindset, the US divorce rate inching above 60%.

The only way to turn the tide is to take down all the speed signs and trust the individual driver’s good judgment by instituting a rigorous and thorough driver education regime prior to licensing, modeled after the fighter pilot training program. Considering the deadly consequences of mishandling an automobile, truly astonishing is the laxity with which driver licenses are handed out, seemingly in collusion with the auto industry lobby to maximize car ownership and operation. DMV should require each applicant to complete weeks or months of video assisted classes subject to tough graduation exams, followed by virtual road tests in all possible situations. Only then the applicant is taken out for an actual road test, thorough and rigorous enough to certify the right instincts and reflexes in all conceivable driving as well as parking scenarios. So licensed, the novice driver will be as good as a veteran and know not to slow down in a school zone, for example, when the school is closed and no children are around.

Only on freeways with no traffic controls physically, mechanically unsafe limits, say 100 MPH, may be enforced with electronic surveillance and automatic fining. On arrow straight roadways stretching from horizon to horizon in states like Utah 200 MPH may be considered, if auto technology supports it.