Donald’s Boy Scout Speech 7/24/17 Causes “Blind Men” to Grope the Elephant and Rant

On July 24, 2017, at the Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, Donald announces the key to success: find something you love to do and keep doing it. Certainly this is not the first time we hear the call to one’s calling but there is injection of a novel element, momentum: from the get-go you have to build momentum and never let it slump.

He illustrates it with the real-life story of William Levitt, the legendary post-WW II builder of the American suburbia, who so loves his work that after the construction crew quits for the day he goes to the job site to pick up nails and lumber lying around and tidy up the place for the crew next morning. Then, at the peak of his success, he sells his business for a great sum of money, buys a yacht to have fun for a few years, gets bored, and buys back his failing company, but never makes it. A young man just starting out, Donald meets him in the late ’80’s at a party, a broken old man. When asked what had happened, William answers, “I lost momentum.”

Taking that old man’s story to heart Donald never lets his momentum slack off as a builder and now as President of the USA, cleaning up the swamp in Washington and making America great again with resurgent infrastructure, energy and health care, epitomized by his Secretaries of the Interior, Energy, and Health standing right behind him.

The crowd of 40,000+ scouts and their parents and volunteers go wild, cheering and chanting “Trump, Trump,…”, “USA, USA,…”, at his every sentence, loving it, lapping it up, a phenomenon of the decade, if not of the century, aptly described by Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia as “unbelievable.”

Unbelievably, however, this oratorical milestone, perfectly choreographed and powerfully delivered, sets off a frenzy of enactments of the ancient Indian parable, Blind Men and an Elephant. But unlike their Hindu predecessors, who at least spread out all over the behemoth, the modern-day American pundits and pseudointellectuals fixate on one anatomical feature, the anus, which makes them declare the mammoth a sewer pipe that brings the stinking Washington politics to West Virginia, turning a boy scout meeting into a political rally. All that excoriation for mentioning the swamp or cesspool of Washington he is draining with accelerating momentum!

The chorus of indignation and contempt crescendos for Trump’s opportunism, pettiness, and bad taste, unworthy of the august office of President. The West Virginia Public Broadcasting, funded by American tax dollars, haughtily scolds Donald for cheap shots, “jabs aimed at everyone from Sen. Shelley Moore Capito to the national media” in the presence of tender scouts. Then the spineless toady Chief Scout Executive Michael Surbaugh apologizes to members of the scouting community for Donald’s aggressive political rhetoric. Apologize for a speech that may well go down in history and certainly in the minds of the enthusiastic audience as a masterpiece of motivational, inspirational exhortation?

What is amazing is that, again unlike their Hindu predecessors, probably blind at birth, the medical records of these American cripples indicate no visual impairment at birth or otherwise. Moreover, accessible to them at the push of a button is the entire jamboree speech preserved in video and in print from beginning to end to shatter their anal obsession and disabuse themselves of the myopia any time. But, hopelessly addicted to the narcotic of blind Trump hatred, they choose not to and go on being the utter idiots they are that time will soon consign to the trash heap of the deplorable and irredeemable.

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