Control, Not Chaos, at the White House

It’s sickening to hear the media gloating over the rapid change of personnel in the White House, calling it chaos. But they are wrong, again. Having been so wrong about the Presidential Election they would have learned, you’d think, not to put their foot in their mouth again. But they just never learn.

The rapidity of turnover in domestic help only attests to the householder’s power and control, especially during transition, when no turnover means the inertia of the status quo overwhelming the new owner, especially when the service structure is huge as at the White House, enough to paralyze a low-energy owner. The servants smell blood and step all over him. But a new high energy master would straighten them out in no time, hiring and firing at will as suits his purpose, not agonizing over who he may offend, a neighbor, friend, or family member with connections to a particular lackey. Too bad Donald can’t do the same thing with the Congress or Courts but he knows his limits and works with them.

Dismayed, the media and their supporters, Dems & Libs, are doing their damnedest to drive him out of the White House by the only available means: impeachment by incriminating evidence. Grasping at straws they have suborned a mole to allege that Donald had dictated an email text to Donald Jr. declaring that Junior had met a Russian operative only to talk about Russian adoption. Is Junior too dumb to compose such basic English by himself?

Suppose Donald Sr. had indeed dictated or taken over the laptop and typed out the whole text. It’s merely confirming what Junior had already told the whole world: he was following through on a tip-off by a friend about a Russian female being a source of dirt on Hillary. This was on July 8, 2016, 3 weeks after Donald’s announcement of his presidential bid on June 16, when nobody gave it a snowball’s chance in hell, a joke or a reality show stunt. The campaign staff meet her. Getting dirt on your opponent from a foreign or whatever source is no collusion or treason, but the touted merchandise has nothing of value to offer, except some interest in Russian adoption. So Junior and Jared, his brother-in-law, depart, leaving their deputies to humor her along, not to be rude.

If the media somehow succeed in criminalizing this and impeach Donald, they’ll have a violent reaction from his hard-core support base, the “largely uneducated working class” that had put him in the White House. Outraged, they may storm and pulverize all the fake news headquarters and lay violent hands on their minions.

Similarly with another ploy of theirs: Donald’s entire fortune built on Russian money. True he has sold a few units in the Trump Tower to Russians. But he has sold to the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and even Arabs. Real estate purchases by foreigners are to be welcomed, as they bid up our property values and also bring back the money that had fled overseas. Moreover whenever we sell to a foreigner, especially from a hostile country, we have disarmed that buyer: one’s heart is where their property is. Had North Korea’s Jongun Kim bought a condo in the Trump Tower, he’d think twice before nuking New York. It may be noted that despite the brouhaha over foreign ownership, it is minuscule compared to American ownership.

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