Retract and Resign, Boy Scout Chief Michael Surbaugh!

On Jul 27, 2017 Michael Surbaugh, Chief Executive of the Boy Scouts of America, sent his “sincere apologies to those in our Scouting family who were offended by the political rhetoric that was inserted” by President Trump speaking to the Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia 3 days before.

This disqualifies him as Scout leader and he should retract and resign immediately.

Apologize for an “unbelievable” speech that so moved Governor Justice of the State that on Aug 4 he switched from Democrat to Republican? I bet Surbaugh and others in the leadership had joined the 40,000+ participants, half boy scouts, half their parents and chaperones, in cheering and chanting at every sentence of the incredible speech, easily the most inspirational and motivational in a decade, maybe a century. Then, after listening to the spin doctors of the fake media trash Donald’s speech by taking it out of context, like the blind men feeling only the elephant’s anus (see my 7/31/2017 post on and detecting an opportunity to make a name for himself as a nonpartisan arbiter of wisdom and protector of the nation’s youth, he circulates the nauseating apologies claiming that the Jamboree had been:

“overshadowed by the president’s speech, which was filled with attacks on the press, polls and his predecessor, Barack Obama.”

“Filled”? Nothing could be farther from the truth. Just watch the whole video or read the entire text. Those so-called attacks or political references were made now and then to stress Donald’s theme, “Never lose momentum in pursuit of your calling,” in his case draining the swamp, building infrastructure, bringing jobs back home, building the wall, making America great again. By de-contextualization and misrepresentation Surbaugh unmistakably joins the ranks of the anally-obsessed blind with the elephant and stamps himself as a confirmed partisan Donald detractor.

Reasoning warped by sensory deprivation he views his charges as tender and fragile who need to be coddled and cosseted:

“the jamboree had been filled with character-building experiences, such as trading patches, climbing rock walls and sharing stories.”

Apparently forgetting his own puberty and adolescence, he doesn’t seem to know that, gonads bursting with testosterone, uppermost in their minds is sex and they would talk more about masturbation, the birds and the bees, sharing best websites for more enlightenment and exchange photos of their girlfriends rather than patches. They are also capable of violence and passion, even as heinous as parricide (see Dear Daughter,

Deluded, Surbaugh wants to block a gross and unholy thing like politics from getting anywhere near his precious Scouts, apparently unaware that Aristotle ranks it as the supreme art challenging the keenest and toughest minds to mold and master its unruly material, human beings with their greed, envy, and treachery. Politics is a fact of life that affects every one of us and the sooner we got acquainted and learned to cope with it, the better off would we be.

Nor is it that hard. If a boy climbs a rock or reads a comic strip with an element of contest or the Bible for that matter with its abundance of conflict and drama, he can handle politics, actually much simpler than the plots in the cited or other sanctioned reading material for children. Besides early introduction to politics is a must, given the teen voting age. Most eligible teenagers simply don’t vote for lack of interest, because bozos like Surbaugh in charge have denied them the necessary preparation. It’s a crying shame. Surbaugh’s continued tenure as Chief Executive defeats the purpose of the teen voting age and sets American democracy back by decades, if not centuries.

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