The “Losing-It” Syndrome: Not on Donald’s Watch

It has become fashionable among many who consider themselves competent judges of manners and morals to scorn Donald for not being “presidential,” that is, “royal,” “imperial,” even “divine.” But don’t these images hark back to the days when cowering, quaking subjects bowed and scraped to an enthroned monarch, an abomination dumped by the Declaration of Independence (1776) that articulates the vision of Locke and other Enlightenment thinkers and inspires the US Constitution to provide a government of, by, and for the people, as reaffirmed by Lincoln? These savants of good taste, deluded by antiquity, can’t see Donald, a plain-spoken citizen, even coarse, picked by his masters, the people, as Champion Defender of Enlightenment.

Unfortunately, the delusion is not limited to America. A few years back, while I was still in Honolulu, I took L, a high school alum of mine (Class of 1956) visiting from Korea, to the Syngman Rhee Church where they have a life-size statue of the first President of South Korea (1948-60). Promptly bowing before it he fell into a profound trance of worship that lasted a full minute, as I beheld the spectacle in utter amazement and disgust. Owner of a major concrete company with a fleet of 200 ready-mix trucks in Seoul he would have, I thought, better sense than deify Rhee, to oust whom some 500 protesters had to die in 1960. As we resumed our tour of the island I couldn’t help expounding Radical Democracy that calls for emancipation from the slave mentality of ruler worship, a.k.a. the “Losing-It” Syndrome (see Manifesto of Radical Democracy, 5-25-2014, I must have been persuasive, because he said he wished he had lived in America, emancipated.
“Old habits die hard and shackle the masses with the Syndrome everywhere,” I had to disabuse him, quoting from the Manifesto. “During the 1980 visit to Hawaii of Doohwan Jun, President of South Korea (1980-88), later a convicted felon for stealing billions while in office, so overcome was a Korean American woman with emotion upon shaking hands with him in a receiving line that she lost it and pissed right in front of him.”

God rest his soul, for L is now with his maker, a victim of leukemia so prevalent among my classmates because of exposure to plastic cinder at our temporary post-war campus. Had he been alive, he would have found more telling proof of my point in the current spate of strident Donald mockers, cutting across racial boundaries, white, black, Asian. Apparently a winning strategy for the species the Syndrome commands: magnify the king to a god and reduce his subjects to robots, programed to go to war and die in defense of him and his kingdom. We see something similar at work in a colony of ants or bees. Reversed is the polarity in the Enlightenment ideology of social contract: the people are masters and the ruler their servant. However, because the great number of the former, hundreds of millions, complicates the logistics and leaves room for the servant to finagle and usurp, exploiting the “Losing-It” Syndrome, the surest wrecker of Enlightenment, its eradication is a global top priority.

America is therefore lucky to have Donald in the White House, for he will remain anathema incarnate to the Syndrome on account of the very character flaws decried by his scoffers: pugnacity, quick temper, no sense of gravitas, intemperate, politically incorrect speech, calling a spade a spade, often too much, seemingly putting his foot in his mouth (see Lighten up, America, and Follow The Donald, George Washington of New America! 9-27-2015).

Donald, never mind those shaking their heads in contempt, solemnly intoning, “Silence is golden.” Silence is trash, contributing zilch to our knowledge. Have no truck with the myth about a wise recluse or a man of few words. We should all talk freely, continually, excessively to touch each other’s souls and transform us into enlightened, civilized human beings.

At your service, seemingly custom made, is the tweet. A minute or two of pounding on the keyboard and, voila, a terse beauty in 25 words or less, about the attention span for 90% of Americans, revealing your spontaneous, transparent, even vulnerable self. Click and off it goes instantly, before tackle and distortion by the fake media, to tens, hundreds of millions of your masters. Of course you haven’t had time to blow it by anyone, including your staff and cabinet who will be chagrined in the morning to have slept through it, but that’s okay. Hearing a few hours after their real masters, they can adjust and fall into step. You are the boss and your brain storms should reach us first. In particular, when harassed by the fake media goons about her ignorance as her boss’s mouthpiece, the litany of the White House in chaos, Sarah can straighten them out: her job is to read out well-rehearsed official statements, her hours 9 to 5, not 3 a.m. So tweet on and speed up the demise of the media in the Information Age where every laptop owner is a media mogul and consolidate America’s emancipation from the Losing-It Syndrome.

But beware of resistance even from your closest associates. I have urged you to insist on being addressed as Donald after election (Donald, Champion of Political Incorrectness, Mandate the First Name Basis Across the Board by Executive Order One!  9-11-2015) but I doubt that John Kelly, used to being “sirred” and saluted all his life, would let any of his White House staffers or visitors like me, if allowed in at all, call you Donald. Yes, eradication of the Syndrome has a ways to go.

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