Charlottesville and the Recipe for Fakery to Poison the Public Mind

Coming as it did on Aug 12, 2017 the Charlottesville tragedy has been a bonanza to the fake media running out of steam as the Russian collusion delusion is bottoming out. In their feeding frenzy, however, they have let their guards down, revealing their recipe for fakery, juxtaposition and negation, that threatens to derail Donald’s mission to rebuild America.

I. Juxtaposition

They make David Duke, former KKK Grand Wizard, which makes him their national honcho or something, speak his piece right before Donald: white Americans have voted for Donald because he promised to take “their” country back, as if America had ever belonged to them alone. Hogtied to that rack is Donald so that anything he says is a confirmation and embellishment of that KKK theme. A trick well known to photographers, juxtaposition is a powerful tool. For example, by cleverly putting your photo at a murder scene, however unrelated to you in time or space, they can make you out to be a murderer or at least a suspect.

This is Donald’s initial response at 3 p.m., Aug 12, after a fatality:

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides, many sides. This has been going on for a long time in our country…”

The fake media jumps on it, trashing it as tepid, general whitewash. By reiterating “on many sides” and not pinning down KKK he is absolving and encouraging KKK, proof positive of his sympathy, they clamor. Just imagine Jesus so juxtaposed and saying: Love your neighbors on all sides. Branded a card carrying KKK, neo-Nazi, White Supremacist, all those hateful un-American things, he would be nailed to the cross on the spot.

Drowned out by the uproar is the truth of Donald’s observation, the multi-polarity of hatred which “has been going on for a long time in our country.” It’s just human and we have to acknowledge it and work on it, not sweep it under the rug, refusing outright to take at face value, as these self-appointed judges of character do, Donald’s pained commentary on human nature: existence of as much hate, actually much more intensified by envy, by the so-called coloreds against whites, or among the coloreds themselves, as shown in the LA Riots of 1992 in which blacks killed dozens and bankrupted hundreds of Koreans. But because the whites are dominant and powerful, it is politically incorrect and un-American to acknowledge any but white bigotry, not realizing that this makes them consummate hypocrites or ignoramuses, who ultimately avoid the real work, reaching out across race boundaries “on many sides,” as Donald urges.

Predictably, opportunistic politicians jump on the bandwagon. Hatch, Rubio, Gardner, all Republican senators, scramble to steal the thunder from the Democrats, coming out with strong statements urging Donald to specifically call out the white supremacist groups who started the whole thing by protesting the takedown of the Robert E. Lee statue, an issue to be dealt with in the next post. 

II. Denial, Instant and Flat Out

Two days later, on Aug 14, Donald essentially reiterates his initial response, filling in the details, naming the hate groups among the alt right protesters (alt, or alternative, meaning “ultra” or “far out”) but also taking to task the alt left counter-protesters for resorting to violence by coming to the scene combat ready with shields, clubs, sticks, stones to dole out as well as take violence.

Repeatedly Donald focuses on the element of violence, which he should as protector of public safety, the law being clear about this: “Sticks and stones may break my bones (but words will never hurt me).” Let’s face it. As President, intent on his agenda to make America great again, so he can go down in history as the greatest, he would be out of his mind to side with KKK even if they have voted for him, as Duke claims, at the risk of alienating millions more who have voted for him, white, black, Asian. Besides, once President, his position secured, he doesn’t have to pander to any particular side because his score card now depends on working for all Americans, even those who have not voted for him regardless of their color or creed.

How do the media report to complete their recipe for fakery? Dismiss him for speaking too late or copycatting to be in fashion, then parade, after showing snippets of his speech, decontextualized, a column or panel of prim know-all media hacks, who put on their spin to make sure that he has said the exact opposite, causing all the unrest and violence in the country by inciting hatred and violence. They bet on none of their viewers hearing him from beginning to end, uncut and unpasted, un-juxtaposed, un-decontextualized, because they are the media, the purveyor, and the public gets to see only what they choose to show. Well, there is YouTube livestreaming, darn, but they bet on few Americans watching or those who have not comprehending. So brainwashed are they that they can’t see or hear anything presented raw, unless media cooked and dressed.

III. Spread of the Poison

Alas, the hacks bet right. They are the sashimi chefs and the American public the connoisseur who just eats, swooning, what’s placed in front of them on a well-garnished plate, never mind where the Oh-toro comes from. Americans hang on every word these so-called experts or pundits utter publicly on TV with such well-practiced glibness and aplomb, strictly according to the recipe of fakery. Hmmm, Donald Trump, that racist villain….

Yes, Donald, you have work cut out for you pushing upstream with your agenda but never mind. You will do it, because more of us are wising up to the media tricks, getting a glimpse of the underbelly of Maguro, the Bluefin tuna, before the chef artfully puts his spin on it.

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