CNN Fakery on the 8-22-2017 Trump Rally

Trashed by CNN, as if we needed any more proof of its fakery, is the Trump rally on Aug 22, 2017, an unremitting lovefest in which the 20,000+ crowd cheers and chants on and on fervently, deliriously:

“Trump ranted and rambled in Phoenix, as his crowd slowly thinned.”

The crowd never “thinned,” slowly or otherwise, even as his 77-minute speech ends, hating to leave, thirsting for more of the excitement, thrill and ecstasy only big mass events can deliver like rock concerts, Christian revivals, Bacchic revels.

Nor does he rant and ramble but stays on point throughout.

First and foremost, he shakes off the racist halo the fake media have been trying to force on him ever since the Aug 12 Charlottesville eruption. As President of the multiracial USA he can’t afford the least hint of racism, white bigotry in particular, because he is white. Correctly he points out how they decontextualize, twist, and deny outright to make him out to be other than what he really is according to the recipe (see Charlottesville and the Recipe for Fakery to Poison the Public Mind, 8-21-2017,

Amazingly Donald emerges from this exercise not only unfazed but, in fact, energized. Apparently one of the breed to which Gen George Patton allegedly belonged, fighting is in his genes: the more opposed, beaten up and mauled, the fresher and stronger he gets. In that sense, the fake media are doing him a favor, except we, ordinary Joe Blows, do not fare that well. For one thing, unlike domestic events we can readily verify through YouTube, blogs, and other internet sources, we have to depend on the so-called media for news from distant parts of the world. We can only hope that the internet will expand and mature quickly enough to wrest the monopoly from the media and give us reliable information, whose vital importance may be shown by the following example from Korean history.

Shortly before Japan’s invasion of Korea (1592-98) the Korean government sends representatives from the two opposing parties (equivalent to Reps and Dems) as emissaries to Japan to verify rumors of war preparations. Upon return Emissary Rep (for illustration’s sake) accurately reports imminent invasion and urges the king to prepare, but Emissary Dem contradicts him flat out and scorns the very idea of war for purely partisan reasons, though he has seen the same things as his colleague. Unfortunately, the king listens to the pacifist position, perhaps because he doesn’t have to do anything. In a matter of days the country is overrun from one end to another, Korean women raped left and right resulting in a hefty injection of the Japanese DNA into Korean (see The Polyglot,, and the king flees to China and begs for aid. We sincerely hope CNN and other fakers do not fake when it comes to ISIS, Russia, China, or Korea, though their recent Russian collusion delusion makes us wonder.

Back to the Phoenix rally – Donald goes into his agenda, jobs, military readiness, security, and the wall, a matter of particular interest to Arizona bordering Mexico 370 miles plus. To stress its urgency he says the government may as well shut down as fudge on the mandate, a figure of speech like over my dead body, clear to everybody except to our humorless, literal-minded Speaker of the House Paul Ryan who pompously puts it on the record: the government cannot shut down.

Donald has to move from one item to another in the to-do list but that’s no rambling. The audience is not there to have a 1,000-page project description read from cover to cover but to be reassured that their elected servant, their leader, if you will, is on the job, in the right frame of mind. Thank God there seems to be no doubt on that score, judging from the crowd’s repeated roars of approbation.

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