An Apology to Paul Ryan from a Victim of CNN Fakery

My sincerest apologies to Speaker Paul Ryan for calling him literal-minded (see CNN Fakery, 8-25-2017, and misquoting him as having said that “The government cannot shut down” in refutation of President Trump’s emphasis on the importance of the southern US wall. Subsequently I happened to see a Fox News clip showing the press interview where he supposedly voiced this “opposition” to Donald, another sure sign of the Republican Party breaking apart, and realized that I had been screwed by CNN fakery I was warning others about.

The Fox video showed the CNN reporter asking Paul what he thought of Donald shutting down the government unless he had his way with the Trump Wall. Graciously Paul answered, humoring the reporter, that “the Government need not shut down.”

So it had been CNN all along that knowingly and deliberately twisted Donald’s figure of speech into a literal absurdity and baited Paul to say something that could be blown up into a mutiny in the Republican ranks, in the meantime poisoning the American public mind, and I had fallen for it. What choice did I have? I couldn’t be watching all the channels or survey the whole internet to check out everything. Beware, America, of CNN and other fake media. Just click YouTube and go to Fox.

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