President Trump’s Mental Competency

Grasping at straws after dead-ending with their Russian collusion delusion the destroy-Trump storm troopers are now talking about having Trump declared mentally incompetent by a court, perhaps thinking it’s easier than impeachment, daunting even in their own estimation with perhaps a snowball’s chance in hell.

When will they give up? When will the fake media stop encouraging the fishing expeditions of these fanatics, dividing the nation, tying up and wasting legislative and judicial resources which should be deployed elsewhere in the cause of making America great again?

They won’t quit. Incurably crippled by the Losing-It Syndrome that distorts their vision to see him as unfit, “un-presidential,” they’ll press on with their crusade to unseat him (see The Losing-It Syndrome, 8-18-2017,

So we’ll just have to meet them on their terms and tell them straight out that their motion for an incompetency hearing won’t get off the ground. Simply, they have doomed their own cause by alleging that he is unstable and erratic in his tweets, firing and hiring of personnel, executive orders about sexual orientation in the military, policy statements, rally speeches, everything he has done in office which unequivocally disqualifies him for the job. But by that very allegation, ipso facto, they have doomed their cause: these blemishes, all job related, make him immune to litigation or prosecution according to the 1997 Supreme Court ruling in Clinton vs. Jones.

So they’ll have to allege his incompetency with respect to his personal affairs but he has already insulated himself from all his property and business affairs. No court will entertain a motion for an incompetency hearing or any motion at all for no purpose, which is called frivolous, unless they suborn that court. But then they’ll hear no end of it from Donald’s lawyers, who’ll take them all the way to the Supreme Court.

Will they listen and quit? No, they’ll say the notoriety, the nuisance value, is worth it and will press on, come hell or high water. In the meantime the country goes down the tube, the ultimate loser.

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