Immigrants as Storm Troopers for the American Cultural Revolution

Immigrants, foreign born but here to stay learning ESL (English as a Second Language) and putting down roots for their American dynasties, may be counted on as storm troopers for the Cultural Revolution unleashed by Donald’s campaign against political correctness regarding taboo words for sex and race (see Donald, Champion of Incorrectness, 9-11-2015,

With no gut-level sensitivity to these words, if at all, they have watched with disbelief the havoc a mere whisper of them can wreak on the destiny of this country, like when America went bonkers and fed Donald to the wolves for mentioning “pussy” with his male buddies. Few immigrants come across the word. Certainly not in their ESL primers. Nor in dealings with native speakers who suddenly become language conscious with foreign learners like an adult minding his manners with kids.

Then there are the blips “f…” or “f…ing,” which perplex them even more. What in the Sam Hill is that? The deprecatory, hesitant, ill-at-ease explanation makes matters worse. How can Americans be so irrational? No amount of blipping nor substitution with different nouns would alter what God has ordained between the sexes. A rose by any other name is still a rose.

They are equally astonished and put off by similar blipping, “N…,” “G…,” “C…,” “J…,” or use of euphemisms. A toilet will always be unpleasant unless properly maintained whether you call it lavatory, bathroom, restroom, or powder room. Likewise with other epithets reflecting cultural or religious prejudices.

That is why the narrator of Dear Daughter,, a Korean American professor turned pastor, names his church Gook Nigger Church to trivialize and implode the taboo words that cocoon entrenched racism in America. Similarly motivated is the launch of PCCNSC on Nov 8, 2016 (see Pussy-Cock Chink-Nigger Shouting Club, 11-9-2017, to eradicate latent racism and false modesty. The insensitivity of immigrants to the niceties of English may well provide the driving force for the Cultural Revolution and emancipate America from its hang-ups, politically correct chains and shackles.

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