Stat, An Immediate Moratorium on NJ Property Tax, More Than Double the National Average!

“Did you guys get the belated New Year card from the Campbells in Denver?” asks Charles.

As soon as they sold their house to the first bidder, Tom and Mary had an estate sale, Goodwill cleaning up what’s left, and drove merrily off to the high country, without a second glance at their stately 7-bedroom mansion where they had raised all their three children, thumbing their nose at Trenton, the blood suckers.

“Yeah, we did,” chorus several voices.

“The photo – our view of Denver from the 30th floor condo we’re renting for the year – about all we’ve got in this cubbyhole. Hoping our marriage survives the crunch, we wish you and yours a prosperous 2019!” reads Don.

“You think their marriage is on the rocks with all the trauma of relocation thousands of miles, practically across the continent,” worries Dave. “I hear relocation is the second most frequent reason for divorce.”

“A 100-ton power puller wouldn’t pull them apart,” dismisses Charles. “It’s just Mary howling and yowling as usual. Tom wouldn’t care and never wrote a card in his life.”

“Maybe we should relocate to Colorado or Florida or somewhere where there is zero or close to zero property tax, even though we have no children in the prosecutor’s office,” Adam chimes in. Margaret Campbell, Tom and Mary’s youngest, got the offer of city prosecutor by Denver.

“Trenton and the Democrats should wake up and declare an immediate moratorium on property tax before they lose all their good residents and businesses.”

“Have you guys noticed that big pothole on Flagstone Ave? My brand new Kia almost got swallowed up in it yesterday. What do they do with all our tax money? We should write to that strutting greenhorn Mayor.”

“Better write to Trump, a petition of all NJ residents, starting with Ridgewood and Glen Rock, so he can start cleaning up the swamp, not only in DC but here, too.”

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