Mueller as “Exonerator” Flies in the Face of Presumption of Innocence

Jul 24, 2019, the day of Mueller’s pathetic performance before Congress, will go down as another day of infamy that has irretrievably trashed those in the upper echelons of government, especially those with the power to investigate, indict, and imprison Americans.

The Dems and fake media are having a field day quoting Mueller’s smug reaffirmation that his report does not exonerate Trump, not aware that he thereby directly contradicts presumption of innocence, that is, exoneration, before proven guilty. By declaring that his report “does not exonerate,” Mueller turns this principle on its head. As pointed out by Ratcliffe, nowhere in American criminal law is an investigator or prosecutor authorized to exonerate or not exonerate. Yet he, one time FBI Director, the nation’s top law man, does not know it. Nevertheless, amazingly, the American system elevates a cretin like him to such eminence, as it does another specimen, Comey, who flagrantly fails to prosecute Hillary though finding her extremely negligent.

Not understanding or recognizing citations from his own report, thereby transforming the “Mueller report” into a “staff report,” Mueller does not follow Collins’s line of reasoning that having reversed his own previous distinction of “collusion” and “conspiracy,” only the latter criminally chargeable, by saying that in common parlance they are synonymous, Mueller is concluding that no charge can be brought against Trump for lack of indictable collusion or conspiracy, not because he is a sitting President.

Mueller has difficulty comprehending Jordan’s simple question why he has charged so many of Trump’s associates with perjury whereas he has let go scot free the initiators of the disinformation that has launched Mueller’s investigation and tied up the nation in knots, getting no real work done, namely, Simpson of Democrat-funded Fusion GPS who procures the infamous Steele dossier or Mifsud who first tells Papadopoulos that Russians have dirt on Hillary, both said to have lied repeatedly to the FBI in the report. When he does at last, he dodges, saying he can’t go into charging decisions, confirming the bias Jordan is highlighting, oblivious to his “good news” that such evasion on Mueller’s part only dooms his fate in the investigation of investigators being unleashed by Barr and Durham.

As well as arousing indignation the day of infamy gives pause to parents, especially naturalized citizens, who encourage their children to go to law school and seek government employment, in particular with DOJ or FBI, as it looks like a short cut to power.

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