Rodent Infested East Baltimore: A Litmus Test for Racism

When Trump deplores the rodent infestation in East Baltimore, CNN, NBC, and their ilk jump all over him as a racist, taking offense especially at the word “infestation.” The next day Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, comes out swinging in defense of Trump and reaffirms the horrible conditions there. Deliberately choosing almost identical vocabulary, he adds more graphic details based on his long residence in the area as a pediatrician, how at times he ordered additional tests for his young patients to delay their return to the rodent “infested” homes. But we don’t hear a peep about his being a racist.

For calling a spade a spade, using the same words, one is crucified but the other is not. Why? Because Carson is black and Trump is white and they are going strictly by the color of the skin, not by merit. But isn’t that called racism? Damn right! So who is the real racist here?

The fake media! Moreover, why is it that in their ferocity we detect such a strident ring of authenticity? Because these media pundits, mostly white, are projecting their inner soul, what’s deep inside them, their ineradicable white supremacist racism.  

Educated humanists, they have struggled long and hard with this unholy, un-American demon, to no avail. So, like a brood of chicks that mercilessly peck away at the wound of one of their number until it dies, they vent their frustration on a scapegoat, Donald Trump, whose success they cannot abide.

Interestingly, the key word that unleashes their mania to gang up on the patsy seems to be “infestation” as its denotation easily transfers from rodents to humans, the blacks. This duality of perception is innate in the white race, as shown in the sonnet sung by the Statue of Liberty, the mighty “white” woman with the torch, the protective goddess of immigrants. As she stretches her hand out to “your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” she can’t help dropping an aside, sotto voce, “the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.” Teeming, yes, infested, hideous!

Would I as an Asian, a yellow man and therefore colored and not white, be accorded the same immunity as Carson if I portrayed East Baltimore as rat infested? Or does one have to be totally black, not just colored (though to date I haven’t seen a yellow Asian unless jaundiced)? Bizarre and grotesque is this latest American media binge of self-flagellation.

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