The High Point of Trump’s Bilateral Talks

If asked to name the most memorable of the score of bilateral talks Trump has had with other heads of state while attending the 2019 UN General Assembly in New York, one would have to pinpoint that single remark, “safer to talk on TV than on the phone,” uttered by Ukrainian President Zelensky, his comic genius hitting the bull’s-eye: US Democrats and fake media grabbing at a straw after the debacle of their Russia witch hunt.

Actually, it is safe, too, when heard by a slew of participants and eavesdroppers, translators, staffers, advisers, intelligence agents on both sides who can attest to the veracity of its transcript, which can be declassified and released, verbatim, unredacted, as it was on Sep 26, 2019, exposing and trivializing the anti-Trump psychosis.

Except for its unexpected dividend: highlighting the Biden graft to the tune of billions, even eclipsing the Clinton pay-for-play, and compelling Attorney General Barr to prosecute the Clinton and Biden duo.

Uncannily, far from hurting Trump, the whistleblower ends up helping him, so much so that it will surprise no one if the deranged anti-Trumpers now trumpet him as a Trump plant.

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