ROKTOK or Repatriation Of Koreans To One Korea, a Supranational Movement

Wishing to return to our ancestral land, Korea, one nation from Mount Bagdoo to Mount Halla, we, Koreans dispersed throughout the world, urge:

(1) the USA and Russia to declare the latitude of 38 degrees north, the infamous 38th Parallel drawn arbitrarily across the waist of Korea to separate the post-World War II occupants, USA and USSR, after Japan’s expulsion, to be null and void upon their evacuation more than seven decades ago;

(2) all nations, especially Japan and China, to stop egging the two Koreas on to remain divided and at each other’s throats;

(3) South and North Korea to tear down the DMZ, the relic of the 38th Parallel and painful, shameful reminder of the Korean War (1950-53) that killed countless millions of our people as pawns of the Cold War; and

(4) all good people of the world sympathetic to our cause, whether ethnically Korean or otherwise, in or outside Korea, to rise up and join the supranational movement by contacting its world headquarters and country offices soon to be announced.

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