Hail Trump, Terminator of al-Baghdadi, the ISIS Head Honcho!

On Oct 27, 2019, the ghost of ISIS was finally laid to rest upon self-explosion of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, its founder, in a US military operation vividly captured on film and watched in the White House Situation Room. Cornered like a rat at the dead-end of a tunnel, crying, whimpering, cringing, he pulls the cord on his explosive vest, the detonation bringing down the tunnel over his head, crushing not only himself but also his three sons.

Yes, he had to drag his own children to their death. Is it what children expect of their father? Of course not. He was not an ordinary father. He was a monster, who prided himself on inspiring misguided youths of Europe, America, Africa, and Asia to join him in burning people alive, lopping their heads off, dunking caged prisoners in deep water to drown, and committing other unspeakable horrors that set global mores and civilization all the way back to the primitive age.

America, nay, the world, can breathe a communal sigh of relief, giving credit where credit is due: Donald Trump, who, unfazed by the impeachment derangement of the fake media, does his job to protect America and the world, setting in motion the American military intelligence and might to pull off this masterpiece. Yes, when not suborned and submerged in the Washington swamp, the American intelligence can perform wonders, unmatched anywhere.

Hopefully, the video depicting the moment to moment special forces operation from start to finish will soon be released in its entirety, its rating guaranteed to go off the charts, so the world sees once and for all the mastermind of ISIS for the paltry, despicable psychopath and coward that he was. For once the fake media will, unless suicidal, hold their tongue and watch breathless.

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