End of Impeachment: 2019 Thanksgiving Dividend

We have a lot to be thankful for this year, near full employment, rising GDP, border security, demise of ISIS, etc., but they are topped by one remarkable spectacle: laying to rest the Trump impeachment ghost. America is coming to its senses across the board at last and getting down to business like crumbling infrastructure, trade imbalance, homelessness, lagging technology, medical care, and so on.

How do I know at 7:35 p.m., Wednesday, Nov 26, 2019, that the House won’t vote on impeachment when it reconvenes after the Thanksgiving recess?

Schiff says so on CNN, his ever sympathetic platform. To the direct question whether the House will or not, Schiff is noncommittal: he will have to talk to his constituents and fellow Dems over the recess. Scandalized, the CNN mouthpiece, hereafter referred to as Cnn, tries to steer him to the right answer, a resounding Yes. Hasn’t Cnn led the drumbeat orchestrating his fake media choir to scream “Bombshell Evidence” of treason and high crime, quid pro quo, bribery, extortion, obstruction, every hour, every day throughout the 2-week testimonies by the star witnesses, auditioned and groomed by Schiff himself, enough to convert the whole nation? But, then, to hear this lukewarm, backsliding response from what Cnn’s fraternity/sorority has regarded as their prime choir boy?

But, no, Schiff lives up to his reputation as a shape shifter. He holds his ground: he has to reconsider, which in plain language means, give up.

I give him a lot of credit for this final shifting. At least his hearing is not impaired. He hears his own witnesses flatly and unanimously deny ever hearing Trump say the Javelins are conditioned on Ukraine’s Beiden investigation. We have known this all along because they have all averred their second hand or more remote hearing, prompting one Dem Congressman ignoramus to blurt out that hearsay is more reliable than direct hearing. The so-called witnesses don’t even get to meet Trump, let alone discuss with him his Ukraine policy.

There was one exception: Sondland, who, with access to Trump, decides to settle once and for all whether all the presumptions and impressions swirling about regarding quid pro quo are true or not, and asks Trump, point blank, what he wants from Ukraine in return for the Javelins. Trump’s answer: Nothing, no quid pro quo. Then the Javelins are released without Ukraine investigating Beiden. Brilliantly Schiff points out that the release is forced, “Because he got caught.” But other evidence shows that it is upon confirmation of Zelensky as a legitimate, non-corrupt Ukranian worthy of receiving the military aid, endorsed by a bipartisan group of investigators.

To dispel this “being caught” theory transcripts of the phone calls between Zelensky and Trump, long preceding possible “being caught” moments, are released for all to see in black and white. Beiden is noted as an example of corruption incidentally and no demand is made on his investigation.

Naturally, having seen enough of the Dem impeachment derangement, the Russian collusion delusion segueing to this Ukraine hallucination, and there’s no telling what it may morph into next, the majority of Americans now demand return to sanity and serious work. Schiff has heard from his electorate and is wisely backpedaling, ready to jump off the impeachment train before it falls off the cliff. I don’t think Nadler and Pelosi are too dumb to follow suit.

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