Need for a Press Court, Equivalent to FDA, to Keep the Media in Line

Your body may be what you eat. At least, that’s the sane interpretation of the adage, You are what you eat. Certainly it cannot mean your whole being. Otherwise, all Koreans would be alike because they eat kimchee, and so would Americans because they eat apple pie.

What feeds and determines us as individuals with personality, character, and judgment? Information provided by teachers, elders and sages, revered for their wisdom since time immemorial and currently also by the media, actually predominantly so, because they have personnel and resources dedicated to searching for news and facts far and wide, deep and dark. Inherent in this scheme of communication is trust, because just as we don’t expect our chefs to dish out junk food, let alone poison, we must have faith in the integrity of our informants.

But what if the trust is betrayed, as in the case of Jim Jones of Jonestown, Guyana, who in 1978 kills nearly a thousand of his cult followers, including 304 children, by serving up cyanide-poisoned Flavor Aid as well as gunning down several of his top lieutenants? What if the media are staffed by pathological liars who, draped with the banner of freedom of the press, feel licensed to slant or distort to suit the agendas of their billionaire publishers, all seething with jealousy for Trump’s stellar achievements in such a short time (energy abundance, border wall, trade balancing, extermination of ISIS, revitalization and mobilization of America, etc.), and to infect the nation with the Trump Impeachment Derangement Syndrome which has morphed from the Russian Collusion Delusion to the Ukrainian Hallucination, thereby turning Americans into morons, unable to distinguish black and white, and blocking America from the path to greatness?

We live in a third world country or worse if these con artists are allowed to scream with impunity “Bombshell Evidence” of quid pro quo when in fact their star witnesses say the opposite, zero evidence (see End of Impeachment: 2019 Thanksgiving Dividend, 11-26-2019, Surely the Constitution didn’t have in mind this kind of willful misuse when laying down the freedom of the press.

Just as we have FDA to forestall the marketing of harmful drugs and law enforcement and the courts to prevent perversion of our liberties, it’s high time we set up a Press Court to keep the media in line and stop their going rogue and fake.

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