Manifesto of Radical Democracy

We, Radical Democrats, members of the Society for Radical Democracy, dedicated to the truth that the people should govern without losing it, quaking and cowering before the servants they hire and put in office, call upon all the peoples of the world to trash pomp and ceremony, ritual and protocol, myths and legends, monuments and statues, designed to magnify the hirelings with awe and reverence.

Group logistics dictates delegation of power to a few who promptly scheme to hold on not only for themselves but for their descendants, spinning yarns about their blood line, even to the point of deification, meanwhile inverting the original relationship, master now the cringing slave. Though monarchy or dictatorship has been replaced in most parts of the world ostensibly with democracy, old habits die hard and shackle the masses with the losing-it syndrome: overcome with emotion upon shaking hands in a receiving line with Doohwan Jun, President of South Korea (1980-88), later a convicted felon for stealing billions while in office, a Korean woman lost it and pissed right in front of him.

Sadly, the syndrome afflicts the United States, bastion of democracy for the rest of the world to emulate, relics and trappings of royalty sitting squarely on its back like a crushing millstone. Still hallowed are the White House and its occupants in spite of the signal contribution made by Bill Clinton toward their debasement by spilling his seed all over Monica after oral sex in the Oval Office. Clinton is still addressed as Mr. President, nobody daring to call him Bill, and is paid a million dollars per speech, $100,000 to come to dinner, $50,000 to pose for a picture, a testament to the rank, herd-driven, slavish environment. Stricken with the same syndrome is the American judiciary where “All Rise” to let Your Honor ascend the bench, which should be lowered to the same floor level as the parties and counsel for a round table configuration to quicken collaborative search for justice, enforcing decisions without resort to gadgetry like Your Honor. Likewise no congressman should be tagged Honorable, as it demeans the electorate.

Worldwide, engrained is the syndrome, calcified by time into national, cultural heritage and pride, reinforced by adulatory biographies and historical dramas, while consigning your ancestors, the real masters, to cruel oblivion. Pull the monuments and statues down, except as mementos of the dark age when humanity knew no better. Erect no new statues, except to portray the subjects as fallible ordinary humans, preferably stripped naked, wrinkled, sagging ugliness, pudenda in full view. Let only the truly humble and serving go into public service, no longer an honor but an onus, certainly nothing to be sought blowing one’s own horn in million-dollar ads, in a radical democracy, free of the losing-it syndrome.



2 thoughts on “Manifesto of Radical Democracy

  1. Congratulations on your courage and willingness to write about these topics. When you consider the invidious motives and discriminatory patterns when some are escalated to power and while others, quite often more qualified, are kept down, it makes the power structure that you write about all the more egregious. I talk about these fact patterns sometimes on my facebook page concerning my cases for individuals in institutions experiencing discrimination and poor treatment. I also watch small businesses become attacked by individuals, the government and other institutions alike due to the same invidious motives to push them out of market. Add me on facebook as well to get to know one another better.

    • Tiffany, send me the fact patterns you mention. They intrigue me enormously and will inspire me. Have you read my work, “The Court Interpreter”, anthologized in LA Shorts? It deals with the LA riots and the underlying racial resentment that killed so many Koreans, not to mention the destruction of their businesses. I want a person of your caliber as a member of the Society for Radical Democracy, whose Manifesto has just been posted on my blog. As a lawyer can you see how this movement can be carried to the four corners of the world, so humanity from here on can live with a totally different mind set toward authority, governmental or otherwise, without the “losing-it syndrome,” free from awe and reverence, fear and depression?

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